3D printing in automotive industry

See how 3D printers are used to optimize production processes and reduce costs in the automotive industry.

Key advantages of 3D printing in automotive

3D printers are groundbreaking, versatile tools bringing unmatched flexibility to manufacturing operations in both small workshops and large production plants.



Rapid prototyping is one of the most common applications of 3D printers in the automotive industry.

Short-series production

Short-series production

Clusters of 3D printers working in a connected system can offer short-series manufacturing capabilities.

Mass manufacturing

Mass manufacturing

3D printers are used to make on-demand jigs and fixtures supporting traditional mass-manufacturing technologies.

Car restoration

Car restoration

Parts used in restoration of vintage vehicles are often 3D printed to match the look and feel of the original components.

Customization & tuning

Customization & tuning

3D printers are used to make one-off components installed in cars customized or tuned on order by specialized tuning workshops.

Wide range of 3D printing materials

Zortrax 3D printers are compatible with a range of high-quality printing materials from world-leading manufactures like BASF Forward AM, Henkel/Loctite, Victrex, Nanovia, 3DXTech or Kimya.

These materials can be used for basic prototyping, manufacturing of durable end-use parts, or for making high-performance components meeting strict automotive standards.

Standard / Engineering
Flame retardant
Reinforced Front fork guard
Front fork guard
BASF Ultrafuse PP GF30 Explore more
Strong, highly rigid and thermally stable automotive polymer reinforced with glass fiber.
Reinforced Functional vice jaws
Functional vice jaws
BASF Ultrafuse PAHT CF15 Explore more
An industrial-grade polyamide reinforced with carbon fiber.
Standard / Engineering A motorcycle speedometer prototype
A motorcycle speedometer prototype
Z-ABS Explore more
Cost-efficient quality polymer widely adopted in multiple industries.
Standard / Engineering A fully functional vise
A fully functional vise
Z-NYLON Explore more
Tough, durable material with excellent abrasion resistance.
Standard / Engineering A mounting clamp
A mounting clamp
Zortrax Henkel Loctite PRO 410 Explore more
Precise, high-quality photopolymer resin with properties comparable to ABS.
Metal Triple clamp
Triple clamp
BASF Ultrafuse 316L Explore more
Metallic powder filament for 3D printing parts out of 316L stainless steel.
Metal Bevel gear
Bevel gear
BASF Ultrafuse 17-4 PH Explore more
Metallic powder filament for 3D printing parts out of 17-4 precipitation hardened steel.
Ceramic Positioning or guide pins
Positioning or guide pins
BASF Ultracur3D RG 3280 Explore more
Extremely hard, ceramic-filled photopolymer resin with very high heat resistance.
High-temperature Heavy-duty gears
Heavy-duty gears
Z-PEEK Explore more
Space-grade, outgassing-compliant polymer with industry leading thermal resistance.
High-temperature A turbo air intake manifold
A turbo air intake manifold
Z-PEI 9085 Explore more
Strong, flame-retardant and outgassing-compliant aerospace material.
High-temperature Mounting bracket
Mounting bracket
Victrex AM 200 Explore more
PAEK polymer filament with very low anisotropy and excellent thermal and mechanical properties.
Flame retardant Air duct component
Air duct component
BASF Ultrafuse PPSU Explore more
Flame-retardant, high-performance polymer with EN 45545-2 railway classification.
Flame retardant  LED lamp mounting
LED lamp mounting
BASF Ultrafuse PC/ABS FR Explore more
Affordable, flame-retardant railroad filament with EN 45545-2 railway classification.
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How to build a 3D Printing System in Automotive Industry

Large Factory

The 3D printing system in a large automotive plant must ensure high efficiency in the production of parts and devices that improve the work of production lines. An example setup for a large factory therefore includes two Zortrax M300 Plus 3D, one Zortrax M300 Dual 3D, one Zortrax Inkspire 2 and one Zortrax Endureal 3D printers complemented by Zortrax Apoller, Zortrax Cleaning Station and Zortrax Curing Station post-processing devices.

Such setup is capable of working with full range of printing materials compatible with Zortrax 3D printers, including metals and enables doing most-of the post-processing work on the spot.

Large Factory

Examples of using 3D printers in automotive plants


How Toyota Factory Works with Zortrax 3D Printers

Toyota manufacturing plants in Poland specialize in assembling hybrid and conventional drives. Here's how they use Zortrax 3D printers.

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RM Motors

Automotive Plant Uses Zortrax Endureal to Upgrade Its Machines

Read how RM Motors, a manufacturer of car exhaust systems, uses Zortrax Endureal industrial 3D printer in day-to-day work.

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Small Workshop

Small workshops specializing in custom jobs, car tuning or detailing typically don't need large outputs and have limited budget for a 3D printing system. Example setup covering most of the needs of such businesses include Zortrax M300 Plus or Zortrax M300 Dual 3D printers.

In this setup standard filaments are used for prototyping parts that after initial test runs get 3D printed with target materials, including metal filaments. Whenever more advanced materials are required, a workshop can commission the 3D printing to a chosen 3D printing services provider.

Small Workshop

Examples of using 3D printers in automotive workshops


3D Printing in Automotive: Economical Reproduction of a Vintage Scooter

Read how Zortrax desktop 3D printers were applied by Falectra in the manufacturing process of a vintage scooter called Be-e.

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Alfa Project

3D Printing Solves Problems with Parts Availability in the Automotive Sector

Alfa Project is a company which 3D models and reproduces broken or unavailable parts for cars with a Zortrax 3D printer.

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Learn how 3D printing solves most common challenges in the automotive industry

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Scalable 3D printing systems for automotive facilities

Multiple desktop and large-format industrial 3D printers as well as post-processing devices working in a single additive manufacturing ecosystem cover the entire product development process from prototyping and testing to manufacturing and post-processing of final parts.

FDM 3D printing system

Extrusion-based 3D printers are a perfect solution for workshops seeking to use cost-efficient 3D printing capabilities, rapid prototyping and on-the-fly design adjustments. Zortrax offers desktop and industrial 3D printers working in single or dual-extrusion technology:

Resin 3D printing system

UV LCD is a photopolymer resin 3D printing technology that works with outstanding precision and speed. Zortrax offers a complete resin 3D printing ecosystem with 3D printer and post-processing devices:

Free software

Z-SUITE 3D printing software with printing profiles for all supported materials and free over-the-air updates.

World-wide warranty

Covers stationary service and DIY repairs with online assistance from a technician.

Cloud management

Time-saving system for efficient managing of your 3D printers.

Additional equipment

Fully equipped Starter Kit with necessary consumables.

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Intuitive 3D printing software

Z-SUITE is a powerful 3D printing software developed from the ground-up by Zortrax. 3D printable designs can easily be exported to Z-SUITE from CAD software, like AutoCAD, Autodesk Fusion 360, or SolidWorks. Z-SUITE comes free with every Zortrax 3D printer. It is compatible with 3D printing materials offered by both Zortrax and external suppliers.

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Ready to use printing profiles

Z-SUITE comes equipped with an extensive base of thoroughly tested printing profiles for each supported material coming either from Zortrax or one of its trusted suppliers. Using those printing profiles guarantees best possible results when printing with supported materials.

Automatic scaling of metal parts

Metal 3D printing requires rescaling of the printed models to account for shrinkage happening at the post-processing stage when the printed model is turned into steel. Z-SUITE does the scaling automatically to ensure the dimensions of steel parts are exactly as specified in the part's design.

Resin post-processing suggestions

3D printing with photopolymer resins is a process that requires cleaning and curing 3D printed parts. Z-SUITE has built-in post-processing suggestions explaining what exactly has to be done to achieve target mechanical and thermal properties in the resin 3D printed part.

inCloud 3D printing management

Zortrax inCloud is a cloud-based platform designed for remote management of available 3D printing staff and equipment.

Mass 3D printing

Printing of a single model can be simultaneously started on all Zortrax 3D printers connected to the inCloud account.

Remote 3D printing clusters management

With inCloud, it is possible to remotely manage large clusters of Zortrax 3D printers. Each device in a cluster can be controlled individually even if each works in a different place.


Zortrax inCloud operates using servers located in the Zortrax HQ in Poland which means users data is processed and hosted in a safe location in the European Union.


inCloud platform has been developed entirely by Zortrax which means it can be tailored to individual customers need if necessary.

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