Zortrax Inventure

Professional dual-extrusion 3D printer

Zortrax Inventure works in LPD Plus technology. Impeccable precision and an ability to work as a short series production device make it a smart desktop machine for professional applications in various fields from industrial design, through medicine, to engineering.

The industrial class 3D printer
that fits on your desk

Zortrax Inventure is an affordable desktop machine with capabilities found almost exclusively in large industrial 3D printers: a dissolvable support system, an enclosed heated chamber and a built-in HEPA filter. All of those features combined and integrated with Zortrax Ecosystem makes Zortrax Inventure a plug & play desktop 3D printer offering industrial-class performance.

Innovative dual-extrusion system
One extruder feeds two 3D printing filaments to two nozzles: one for the model and one for water-soluble support structures. This way we could reduce size and weight of the mechanism.
Enclosed printing chamber
The build platform is practically sealed off from the surrounding environment to ensure tightly controlled 3D printing conditions.
Built-in HEPA filter
A HEPA filter catches over 99% of 3D printing emissions, including ultra-fine particles below 100 nm in diameter.
Smart cartridges
3D printing materials for Zortrax Inventure come in smart cartridges that inform you about the type of filament inside and whether it's about to run out.

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Dedicated filaments

Range of 3D printing filaments dedicated for Zortrax Inventure covers various professional applications from prototyping to short-series production. Inventure filaments come in smart cartridges monitoring how much of the filament is left inside.

Available materials: Z-SEMIFLEX , Z-PETG , Z-PLA , Z-ULTRAT Plus

Tough and flexible

Z-SEMIFLEX is a flexible TPU 3D printing filament offering great interlayer adhesion and resistance to temperatures reaching 130 °C (266 °F).

Resistant to chemicals

Z-PETG is a PET 3D printing filament mixed with glycol to make it more durable and less prone to shrinkage. It's highly resistant to acids, alkalis, and oils.

Precise and eco-friendly

Z-PLA is a precise, biodegradable 3D printing filament. Perfect for elaborate shapes with fine details as it has almost no shrinkage.

Durable and impact resistant

Z-ULTRAT Plus is an ABS 3D printing filament modified to reduce shrinkage and achieve better interlayer adhesion. Perfect for precise, heavy-duty parts.

Support materials

Zortrax Inventure works with two water-soluble PVA support filaments: Z-SUPPORT and Z-SUPPORT Plus. They are both biodegradable and need no additional solvents.

Z-SUPPORT filaments compatibility
Support Model Build Tray
Z-SUPPORT Z-PETG Build Tray (White)
Z-SUPPORT Plus Z-ULTRAT Plus Build Tray Plus (Black)
Z-SUPPORT Premium Z-PETG Build Tray (White)
Z-ULTRAT Plus Build Tray (Black)
Z-SUPPORT can be used with a standard Build Tray included with Zortrax Inventure. A Black Build Tray Plus is recommended for a combination of Z-ULTRAT Plus and Z-SUPPORT Plus due to higher 3D printing temperatures. For Z-SUPPORT Premium the choice of built tray depends on the model filament. Combined with Z-ULTRAT Plus, it works with a Black Build Tray Plus. A standard Build Tray is recommended for printing Z-SUPPORT Premium with all other base filaments.


Standard PVA

Z-SUPPORT is a PVA soluble support filament designed to work at temperatures around 180° C (356° F). Compatible with Z-PLA, Z-PETG, and Z-SEMIFLEX 3D printing materials.


High-temperature PVA

Z-SUPPORT Plus is a PVA-based soluble support filament made for temperatures reaching 245° C (505° F). Compatible with ABS-based Z-ULTRAT Plus 3D printing material.


Versatile BVOH

Z-SUPPORT Premium dissolves two times faster than the standard PVA and leaves no remnants on the model. It is compatible with all base filaments dedicated for Zortrax Inventure.

Dissolving support material

Z-SUPPORT and Z-SUPPORT Plus are PVA-based materials, while Z-SUPPORT Premium is based on BVOH. All support filaments are soluble in water. Zortrax DSS Station is a soluble support removal device circulating water at optimal temperatures to maximize their dissolution rate.

Step 1 Put into water
Take the model off the build tray and submerge it in water inside the Zortrax DSS Station.
Step 2 Rinse
Take the model out of the Zortrax DSS Station. Sometimes it's necessary to remove remnants of support with a brush included in the kit.
Step 3 Dry
Carefully dry the model once the support dissolution is done. That's all. The support structures are gone.

Key features of Z-SUITE

Z-SUITE 2 slicing software is a link between your idea and product. Use the multitude of functionalities and tools to streamline the 3D model preparation process.

Intuitive model processing
Just load your 3D file and Z-SUITE 2 will automatically convert it to the model ready to print.
Thin wall detection
Z-SUITE 2 pinpoints walls that would be too thin to be printed properly, allowing you to detect problematic areas before printing the model.
Multiple infill options
Different infill patterns allow you to ensure required durability of the model and reduce the material usage.
Model stacking
Speed up the production by utilizing advantages of dissolvable support. Stack multiple models and 3D print them in one go.


Zortrax DSS Station
for Zortrax Inventure

Zortrax DSS Station is an easy to use device for automatic water-soluble support removal. Just set it up, fill it with water, put the model in, and take it out nearly support-free after a few hours. Designed to work with Z-SUPPORT, Z-SUPPORT Plus, and Z-SUPPORT Premium materials, Zortrax DSS Station is also compatible with all water-soluble filaments available on the market.

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Specification for Zortrax Inventure

Device features

Build volume
135 x 135 x 130 mm (5.3 x 5.3 x 5.1 in)
Material container
Material diameter
1.75 mm (0.069 in)
Nozzle diameter
0.4 mm (0.016 in)
Dissolvable – printed with a different material than the model
HEPA Filter
Material detection sensor
Chip with information about material | (type, color, consumption)
Printing with the model and the support material
SD card (included)
Available materials
Model materials (Z-PETG, Z-PLA, Z-SEMIFLEX, Z-ULTRAT Plus) and support materials (Z-SUPPORT, Z-SUPPORT Plus)
In the box
3D printer, SD card, cartridge with model material, cartridge with support material, quick start guide, waste container, cartridge knob, power cable, build tray (spare), 5 build trays


Software bundle
Supported file types
.stl, .obj, .dxf, .3mf
Supported operating systems
Mac OS X / Windows 7 and newer versions

Additional information

Each delivered printer may have worked up to 50 hours during the quality control test prints.


LPD Plus (Layer Plastic Deposition Plus) – advanced technology with the system of Dissolvable Support Structures
Layer resolution
90-290 microns
Minimal optimal wall thickness
800 microns
Minimal wall thickness
400 microns
Resolution of a single printable point
X/Y axes: 400 microns
Z axis: 90-200 microns
X/Y positioning accuracy
1.5 micron
Z-axis single step
1.25 micron
Maximum printing temperature (extruder)
310 ˚C (590 °F)
Heated chamber
Maximum chamber temperature
90 ˚C (194 °F)
Ambient operation temperature
15 - 30 ˚C (59 - 86 °F)
Storage temperature
0 - 35 ˚C (32 ˚-95 ˚F)
AC input
110 V ~ 5.9 A 50/60 Hz
240 V ~ 2.5 A 50/60 Hz
Power supply parameters
24 V DC @ 14 A, 320 W
Maximum power consumption
300 W

Weight and physical dimensions

3D printer (W x D x H)
350 x 345 x 405 mm (13.8 x 13.6 x 15.9 in)
Shipping box
460 x 450 x 520 mm (18.1 x 17.7 x 20.5 in)
Shipping weight
26 kg (57.3 lbs)
Printer weight*
21 kg (46.3 lbs)
* The weight includes: the device with the build tray and the power cable installed. It does not contain the cartridges with the materials.