Zortrax Inkspire

Resin UV LCD 3D printer

Zortrax Inkspire is a resin desktop 3D printer working in a revolutionary Zortrax UV LCD technology. It is up to 8x faster and up to 9x more precise than leading SLA resin 3D printers, which makes it the perfect choice for manufacturers, artists and designers who are looking for constant high speeds and unparalleled precision regardless of how much of the workspace is used.

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Zortrax M200 Plus

New high-performance 3D printer
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Zortrax M300 Plus

Large build volume Wi-Fi 3D printer
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Zortrax M200

Award-winning 3D printer
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Zortrax M300

Large volume 3D printer
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Zortrax Inventure

Smart dual-extrusion 3D printer for professionals

Zortrax Inventure 3D printer allows you to create models and parts of previously unavailable
complexity and geometry. Thanks to the dual-extruder system,
advanced construction materials and PVA-based water-soluble
support filaments can be 3D printed simultaneously.

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Material Range

Carefully designed and engineered for the highest precision and quality, Zortrax 1.75 mm 3D printing filaments come in a variety of types, colors and possible applications.

Available materials: Z-ABS , Z-HIPS , Z-ULTRAT , Z-PETG , Z-GLASS , Z-ESD , Z-PLA Pro , Z-ASA Pro , Z-PCABS , Z-SEMIFLEX , Z-PLA , Z-ULTRAT Plus , Z-SUPPORT , Z-SUPPORT Plus , Z-FLEX , Z-SUPPORT Premium

High Quality and Biodegradability

Based on PLA, this eco-friendly plastic filament was enhanced with gypsum for smoother and richer in detail surface. Recommended for architectural mock-ups and high-end showcase models.

Economic 3D printing

Z-ABS 3D printing filament is a universal solution for economical prototyping and manufacturing. Its many colors, low-cost and versatility lets you efficiently test various iterations of your designs without spending too much.

Highest durability and resistance

Z-PCABS is a highly durable blend of Polycarbonate (PC) fibers and ABS. This 3D printer filament is resistant to impacts, UV light, and high temperature. Z-PCABS doesn’t change its properties over the course of time and withstands exposure to chemicals including salts, acids, and alkalis.

Filament for industrial applications

Z-PETG filament combines glycol with the standard PET material to eliminate brittleness. The result is improved durability and tensile strength. Z-PETG is an industrial-grade 3D printing material design to work in extreme environments.

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Z-SUITE software is a dedicated, highly intuitive 3D model slicing solution. The license comes free of charge with all Zortrax 3D printers and includes all future patches.
Z-SUITE allows also for wireless managements of Zortrax M200 Plus and setting up of 3D printing farms.
Automatic mesh repair
Z-SUITE automatically repairs faulty models’ mesh during loading.
Thin wall detection
Wall too thin to be 3D printed properly will be highlighted, reducing the risk of failed prints.
Editable support
Take control over automatically generated support structures by freely adding, editing and removing your own.
External Materials
Z-SUITE allows you to 3D print with all 1.75 mm filaments. Applicable to Zortrax M200 Plus, M200 and M300 3D printers.
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