Zortrax Resins

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Dedicated for: Zortrax Inkspire
Dedicated for: inkspire
BlueCast Original LCD/DLP
A very precise castable resin designed for light and filigree jewelry. Minimal shrinkage and excellent dimensional accuracy make it possible to 3D print investment patterns of small yet intricately designed jewelry pieces. It exhibits physical properties nearly identical to wax, so it can be processed with the same toolset.
Dedicated for: inkspire
BlueCast X10 LCD/DLP
Advanced castable resin designed to guarantee smooth surfaces and precise details in relatively big models. BlueCast X10 makes it possible to print jewelry pieces requiring large amounts of metal. It exhibits properties nearly identical to wax and thus can be processed with the same toolset.
Dedicated for: inkspire
BlueCast X5 LCD/DLP
Precise castable resin designed for jewelry casting. It's a functional equivalent of wax used in the investment casting and can be processed with the same toolset. BlueCast X5 has excellent dimensional accuracy, burnout properties with 0.00% ash residue. Sublimation starts at 130°C.
Dedicated for: inkspire
Raydent Crown & Bridge Resin
Class IIa biocompatibility makes this resin safe for contact with a human body lasting for up to 30 days. It's designed for printing temporary crowns and bridges. It's available in an A2 shade.
Dedicated for: inkspire
Raydent Surgical Guide Resin
Class I biocompatibility makes this resin safe for transient contact with a human body which is enough to perform drilling or other surgical procedures common in modern dentistry. It's designed for 3D printing precise, clear surgical guides.
Dedicated for: inkspire
Zortrax Resin DENTAL MODEL is a precise dental resin with a gypsum-like texture. It offers very low shrinkage and high level of detail sufficient for accurate modeling of teeth and gums. The resin is available in beige color imitating the natural complexion of the human gums. Zortrax Resin DENTAL MODEL is not meant for intraoral use.
Dedicated for: inkspire
Zortrax Resin BASIC is an epoxy-based resin offering sharp edges, high detail, and short curing times. It's durable and easy to print. It's available in grey, white, and pigment free. Zortrax Resin BASIC contains no volatile organic compounds, so it is safe to print with when used in accordance with our safety instructions. The already cured resin is easy to paint.