Zortrax Resins

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Dedicated for: Zortrax Inkspire
Dedicated for: inkspire
Resin PRO
Zortrax Photopolymer Resin PRO offers the same sharp edges and high detail as Zortrax Resin BASIC, but has improved resistance to bending and impacts. It's available in black. Zortrax Photopolymer Resin PRO has not been classified as carcinogenic under EU legislation and IARC criteria, so it is safe to print with when used in accordance with our safety instructions.
Dedicated for: inkspire
Zortrax Resin FLEXIBLE is an elastic, epoxy-based resin which is highly impact resistant. Offers smooth surfaces, high level of detail, and sharp edges. Its shore hardness stands at 60 D and its elongation and break amounts to 19%. Low shrinkage and short curing times make Zortrax Resin FLEXIBLE easy to 3D print with as the models come out just right on default settings.
Dedicated for: inkspire
Zortrax Resin DENTAL MODEL is a precise dental resin with a gypsum-like texture. It offers very low shrinkage and high level of detail sufficient for accurate modeling of teeth and gums. The resin is available in beige color imitating the natural complexion of the human gums. Zortrax Resin DENTAL MODEL is not meant for intraoral use.
Dedicated for: inkspire
Zortrax Resin BASIC is an epoxy-based resin offering sharp edges, high detail, and short curing times. It's durable and easy to print. It's available in grey, white, and pigment free. Zortrax Resin BASIC contains no volatile organic compounds, so it is safe to print with when used in accordance with our safety instructions. The already cured resin is easy to paint.