From on-screen to in-hand

Highly accurate, efficient 3D printer
for designers and engineers

How it works?It's so simple


Choose a 3D model

Create your project in any 3D modeling software or simply download it from one of many free online sources.

Set simple options

No tech skills required. Choose some simple printing parameters such as quality, resolutions and dimensions. Use straightforward Z-Suite Software to prepare your model for printing.

Set simple options

Wide range of colors

Unique Z-ABS Filament composition guarantees high quality and low printing cost.

Print your model and...

Enjoy unique kind of printing quality!

The printed object is durable, ready-to-use, suitable for post-treatment and testing.



Zortrax M200 in action


3D Printed Jet Engine

Prototype of jet engine, designed by GE , is an example of accuracy and functionality 3D printing brings to your work. With Zortrax M200 you can present your products as physical, working models.

Video by 3D Proshare

Zortrax 3D Printer

Get a feel for what 3D printing can do. Bring your ideas to life with Zortrax M200. Improve your work as a designer, engineer, architect with possibilities 3D printing brings.

Video by 3D Proshare

3D Printed Pokemon

Explore Z-ULTRAT 4 new colors and possibilities it brings to the toy industry. Play with filaments from Zortrax and grow your imaginary world.

Video by 3D Proshare

Zortrax M200


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