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strong core.

strong core.

Rafał Tomasiak

Rafał Tomasiak Chief Executive Officer

A hi-tech aficionado that jumped from a small town into a big 3D printing business. Passionate about programming and big industrial machines with additive manufacturing being at the top of his interests. This Marketing graduate thanks to his talent and experience, gained by working for tech giants such as Nokia or Sony Ericsson, succeeded in creating a complete 3D printing powerhouse – Zortrax M200. Thanks to incredible business intuition and robust skills, he provided the company with the status of the world 3D printing leader.

Marcelina Rybarkiewicz

Marcelina Rybarkiewicz Chief Business Development Officer

Having travelled all across the country, from the mountains to the seaside, she finally found her place in the land of lakes, in Zortrax headquarters. With MA degree in economics, Marcelina felt that she belongs in the sales team and as its leader she started to work hard for the company’s success. The results were soon visible in figures and sources dedicated for the future development.

Karolina Bołądź

Karolina Bołądź Chief Product Officer

A powerful businesswoman who as a co-founder helped the company to kick off and gain thousands of dollars on Kickstarter platform, and more than 140 backers that shortly after became dedicated Zortrax fans. Thanks to her artistic background and MA degree in design and media, this talented trend-watcher helped to build the bold and up to date brand image of a company which products are recognized worldwide.

Piotr Kawuza

Piotr Kawuza Chief Accountant

A qualified bookkeeper, fascinated equally by the latest technologies and also the complicated world of taxes, invoices and agreements. Working previously for big German concerns and accomplishing the following steps of ACCA, Piotr could start the new challenge of being a head of accountancy department and coordinating all the paperwork according to the highest standards.

Bartłomiej Cymer

Bartłomiej Cymer Marketing Director

Partially thanks to his philosophical background and a degree in Managing, this marketing pro surely knows how to create clear-cut strategies that make Zortrax products go live and worldwide. Powered by sharp ideas and creativity, Bartek has certainly improved people’s awareness of the 3D printing technology and greatly contributed to our company’s surge to the top.

true fighter.