3D Printed Openwork Art of Merve Oztemel

Take a look in the streets and make a quick scan of what people who surround you are wearing. The variety of dresses and styles can be mind-blowing. Clothes and accessories are the signs of our times when almost everything is allowed, garment can go in every form and shape not only to cover and protect but mainly to express one’s identity. Because of that fashion nowadays is to face a difficult task – to make the individuals look different and unique. Sounds rather impossible? Then check the works of Merve Oztemel, a young Turkish jewelry designer who seems to get ahead of the curve.

ZORTRAX Merve Oztemel 3D Printed Fashion

3D printed head ornament by Merve Oztemel

Merve Makes It Massive

If you want to be an original bride, transform yourself for a special occasion or just want to make a bold statement with your look, her pieces will be a perfect choice for you. Even if you not include yourself to none of these, you should definitely take a look of these sculpture-like complex constructions. They simply show how outstanding models can be 3D printed on Zortrax M200 and that a way from a design to an end-use product can be much shorter than you have ever thought.

ZORTRAX Merve Oztemel 3D Printing Fashion

Lightweight accessory 3D printed with Z-ULTRAT

From Painting to 3D Printing

The passion for 3D printing grew when the artist had contact with the technology for the first time. It was during her studies in Canada where she had an opportunity to use the 3D priner owned by the school library. Fascinated by the new technology she started to design things for 3D printing and thinking about buying a 3D printer in the future. And as you see she completed her goal. It is worth adding that she was a traditionalist at first as she begun with studying painting and sculpture. Happily her newfound obsession for 3D printing made her transform the way she created her pieces and has brought new skills and forms to her artistic portfolio.

ZORTRAX Merve Oztemel 3D Printer Fashion

3D printed headpiece by Merve Oztemel

The Modern Nature

By watching her pieces it makes apparent that the Istanbul based artist is heavily inspired by the world of Flora and Fauna. Floral hair accessories, skeletal necklaces or tiaras reminding the shapes of climbing plants – all different but connected by the omnipresent theme of the world of nature. She also makes an intriguing fusion of the earliest prehistoric type of “jewellry” produced by the most modern means. When it comes to the very manufacturing process the thing that unites all her 3D printed pieces is the fact that they usually require little or no post-processing and can fast become end use products that are ready to be packed and sent to the clients.

ZORTRAX M200 Merve Oztemel 3D Printed

Head jewelry 3D printed on Zortrax M200

Perfect to the Bone

If you thought you can only make fine-sized models by using highly expensive devices now you can see that you were indeed quite wrong. Check out yourself the quality being the result of great parameters and having all the printing elements integrated in one Zortrax Ecosystem. Thanks to the use of the Z-ULTRAT material, the models apart from being extra detailed and intricate can be also characterized by durability and strength.

ZORTRAX Merve Oztemel 3D Printed Jewelry

Jewelry 3D printed by Merve Oztemel

Density and the Detail

Asked about the reason for choosing the Zortrax 3D printer, she answers that her choice was preceded by a long research. It involved trying out many devices and comparing myriads of materials, shapes and textures. Considering the fact that she wanted her pieces to be really intricate and at the same time delicate and light, she needed a tool that was characterized by excellent precision and dimensional accuracy. Not to mention the great reliability that helps the artist created various copies to test their ergonomics and decide which ones she likes the most. To obtain the most satisfying results Merve usually chooses Z-ULTRAT and 0.09 layer thickness which allows her to get ultra precise shapes that are at the same time so light and thin that they can be wearable, without being too heavy or causing any discomfort. If some of you are intrested in checking out the Zortrax’s contribution to the world of fashion, articles covering Skopje Fashion Week, Architectural Jewelry or Joanna Sikorska’s Colletion are must reads.