Elements 3D Printed on Zortrax M200 Showcased during the SS16 Fashion Week

As most of you can probably notice spring is thriving, so it would be great to start the new season with some cool, stylish garment. The Macedonian’s designer Irina Tosheva came up with the same idea and while being one of the designers to present their collection during the SS 16 fashion shows, she amazed the audience with completely fresh ideas.

ZORTRAX Irina Tosheva 3D Printed Fashion

Wearable Shapes

The constantly developing 3D printing technology has apparently multiple applications and fashion is the field where more and more experiments are made concerning shapes and structures. Things that were impossible to imagine in the past are nowadays appearing on the catwalks during the biggest fashion shows. But what 3D printing technology can actually give to the fashion world? The answer is variety. Multiple shapes, constructions, jewelry pieces and accessories are now within hand’s reach. The technology gives you in fact the real freedom of design as now you are not limited only to the standard materials like leather, fabrics or metal. What is more, this revolutionary technology allows you to have even the fanciest of your designs literally in your hands. Thanks to the affordable technology creating intricate designer pieces is now available to famous fashion gurus as well as to design students.

ZORTRAX Irina Tosheva 3D Printed Fashion

The Macedonian Masterpiece

Having a lurk into the Balkanian fashion world we’ve noticed that people from this region are far ahead of trends. Gladly, the support from our reliable devices that, obviously apart from the beautiful models, simply helped the collection shine. The show during which the collection with 3D printed elements were presented took place at the beginning of April in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. The collection was also available to the audience at the Skopje Fashion Week. The fruitful collaboration in fact started from the idea of the designer Irina Tosheva who is responsible for this beautiful light-colored pieces of clothing. Her initial vision was to apply elements that resemble typical Macedonian ornaments on pieces from her collection called “Riza” that included: clothes, bags and jewelry pieces, mainly bracelets. Together with her friend – an inspiring Macedonian architect Nikola Kunglovski they made a research on the traditional patterns, so Kunglovski could then design the elements and prepare files for the 3D printer. Having no such device they turned to Dejan Brazansky from MK3D Printing a brand of Toopix Creative to help them obtain the desired elements. Our reseller promised to take the work in his hands and changed the designs into tangible models using Zortrax M200 3D printer.

Pantone is on

We’ve noticed that the colors dominating in the Tosheva’s collections were the trendy ones according to Pantone’s top shades for the Spring 2016 drawing our attention to hues of Rose Quartz or Limpet Shell that are fresh and flash. Having to obtain colors like light rose, jade, lilac and pale yellow, our reseller didn’t have any doubts to choose the suitable printing material from the Zortrax offer. Z-ULTRAT which is available in 22 shades divided into 4 color palettes, including Pastels, Neutrals, Neons and Basics was the perfect choice. Having a reliable 3D printer and perfectly matching colors like Pastel Yellow, Pastel Purple or Pastel Pink the results of the 3D printing process were fully satisfying.

ZORTRAX Irina Tosheva 3D Printed Fashion Z-ULTRAT

Fashion in Action

The whole process of 3D printing was made on Zortrax M200 3D printer and took about 200 hours of 3D printing during which approximately 2000 g of Z-ULTRAT were used. By choosing the 0.14 layer thickness, our reseller obtained elements that were not only precise, but also thin and light enough to be applied on the clothing items without destroying the delicate fabrics. Taking a closer look at the 3D printed ornaments, it is visible that they are quite intricate and consist of many geometrical parts. Achieving such quality is entirely possible bearing in mind that by having a Zortrax 3D printer we are given not only a single 3D printing device, but also the whole ecosystem including dedicated software and compatible printing materials – elements that cooperate with each other perfectly allowing you to obtain great 3D printing results.

ZORTRAX Irina Tosheva 3D Printed Fashion

The Flexible Technology

This blogpost was mainly about fashion and the way they the 3D printing technology is being utilized in the industry. However, the point that we put the focus on was mainly the high 3D printing standards provided by Zortrax 3D printer and the unique capability of the device that can be adjusted and successfully applied in the various branches of industry. Depending on you needs you can create either complex geometrical structures or small jewelry sized pieces being sure that you’ve got the support of the elements from the Zortrax Ecosystem. Mentioning the last one it is worth to admit that this type of environment not only helps you to create your own artistic designs but also the ones shared by the members of Zortrax community. All of you who are interested in developing their skills, presenting their models or use a dedicated application that facilitates work on your project should feel free to get familiar with the Zortrax Library which is now available online.