Meet Us in Frankfurt – Formnext 2015 Trade Fair

ZORTRAX Formnext TCT Frankfurt 2015 Additive

Although the weather outside the window gets worse and worse, the trade fair season seems to be in the full swing. Zortrax of course doesn’t slow its pace – after the Paris 3D Printshow that took place just a month ago, we decided to visit another European city to show our offer and meet with our present and future users. This time Zortrax team will appear in Frankfurt, Germany to take part in the biggest event about additive manufacturing and tooling – Formnext trade fair.

The summit is double interesting as it matches two highly important branches of industry: the latest one – additive manufacturing and the traditional ones – tooling and form making. As additive technology, precisely 3D printing is definitely our cup of tea, we cannot say that we are newbies in the area of common processing techniques like e.g. molding. That is why we are excited to learn more about incorporating these two realms and have the possibility of sharing our knowledge and experience in these fields.

When it comes to the practical details, the event will take place in hall 3 in Messe Frankfurt on 17- 20 November 2015. This year the partner that helps with organizing the conference is TCT that has 20 years of experience in conducting events connected with the field of additive manufacturing. All the Formnext attendees will be given a chance to exhibit their products and participate in a series of panel discussions devoted to branches like automotive, aerospace, jewelry, consumer goods, medicine and others.

As one of the leading producer in the additive manufacturing field, we treat the trade fair as an opportunity to show our devices and stress their universality and reliability. By presenting our models, we put stress to give the user a complete set of data about product utility, use of materials and details concerning the printing process. The users will be able to grab the information concerning how 3D printing technology could be used in a particular branch of industry to increase its efficiency. The knowledge shared by the specialists from the Zortrax team will have its tangible reflection in a form of 3D printed models that serve as the real proofs of the scale of the technology development.

It’s not a secret, that apart from the visible improvement provided by the technology itself we want to focus on our most precious objects, the machines that do the job – 3D printers Inventure and M200. We predict that especially the first one will gather most of the visitors’ attention as it is our latest device which had its debut Fall 2015 and has been awaited for long time. Heated chamber, DSS system and printing control are only some of the functionalities encapsuled in this smart and reasonable-priced desktop machine. Both printers share excellent 3D printing quality and dimensional accuracy, however the one of the reasons of obtaining such good results is the Zortrax Ecosystem – a set of integral Zortrax products that include 3D printers, dedicated software with model library and printing materials.

There’s a lot to see in the Formnext 2015 conference and of course in the Zortrax stand so we hope to see many of you there. More information on the event and complete agenda can be found on Formnext website.