Expanding the Zortrax Ecosystem – New Materials for Zortrax Inventure

Our ever-expanding Ecosystem is designed to support various industries with a broad selection of reliable tools to enhance any and all forms of production. This time around we are making three new materials dedicated for Zortrax Inventure available for retail. To expand the capabilities of the 3D printer, we are now offering the highly durable Z-ULTRAT Plus and its support material Z-SUPPORT Plus, as well as the semi-elastic in nature Z-SEMIFLEX.ZORTRAX Z-ULTRAT Plus 3D Printing

First in line is Z-ULTRAT Plus, which is an excellent choice for industrial applications, like the automotive branch. It was created with the concept of functional models in mind, ones that can be used as ready-made objects or parts of larger mechanisms. Thus, it is highly resistant to impact and it can also be used to produce extremely durable functional prototypes. The material is based on the commonly used compound ABS, which is characterized by an increased resistance to mechanical processing and a tolerance for high temperatures.

Z-ULTRAT Plus is printed with the new type of support material Z-SUPPORT Plus. Much like its predecessor, it is completely soluble in water and it is compatible with the Zortrax DSS Station, which gives us the opportunity to create very complex and detailed models, even in one printout. Since the material does not need to be manually removed, there’s no risk of destroying various small and fragile elements of your models.ZORTRAX Z-SUPPORT Plus 3D Printing

For prints that require a certain level of elasticity, as well as high resistance to tearing and abrasion, Z-SEMIFLEX is the best choice. The material is based on the TPU-98A compound and belongs to flexible thermoplastics that retain their form even with intense and rigorous tests. It is also characterized by high temperature resistance of up to 130 °C and low shrinkage, so it will work perfectly in industrial applications. Z-SEMIFLEX works with the support material Z-SUPPORT, which means that the models do not have to be manually processed, lowering the risk of damage. Thanks to its unique properties, the material is ideal for creating prototypes that can be tested under unrelenting conditions.ZORTRAX Z-SEMIFLEX 3D Printing

Not only are these materials available for purchase, but they are also compatible with the new version of Z-SUITE 2.3.1 Beta, which is now ready for download. The layer thickness of possible printed elements from the new materials is set from 0.09 to 0.19 mm and from 0.09 to 0.29 mm for Z-ULTRAT Plus and Z-SEMIFLEX, respectively.