Zortrax at Polish Tech Day 2017 in London

The third edition of Polish Tech Day 2017, concluding the London Tech Week, took place at Google Headquarters in London at 16th June 2017. As usual, the meeting was a great opportunity to forge and reinforce contacts and to showcase the innovations of national technological industry. Polish Tech Day has gathered numerous representatives of Polish businesses that achieved success in global markets. The event was organized by PLUG – a global network of Polish technological companies operating around the world and in partnership with the Trade and Investment Promotion Unit of the Polish Embassy in London.

ZORTRAX Polish Tech Day 2017 London

Zortrax at Polish Tech Day 2017

With Heart

Zortrax, which history began on Kickstarter, was also invited to the meeting. Our Corporate Business Development Manager – Anna Bogusz flew to London to represent the company and to tell our story at #GoGlobal Panel. She took with her a 3D printed model of the artificial heart. Although, she didn’t have a chance to talk about it during the discussion panel, audience was very curious about the model. There was simply no end to the questions. Read more about the artificial heart 3D printed on Zortrax M200.

ZORTRAX Polish Tech Day 2017 London 3D Printing

Zortrax at Polish Tech Day 2017

#GoGlobal Panel

#GoGlobal Panel was moderated by Michał Kramarz – Head of Startup SEED at Google. Five other panelists came from financial, software, games, sales management and customer service companies. The main subjects were emergence and expansion of Polish enterprises to the global markets. The participants shared the most important factors facilitating global growth and the challenges they faced during the process.

ZORTRAX Polish Tech Day 2017 London 3D Printer

Zortrax at Polish Tech Day 2017

Later, they have discussed over the ways of attracting the international customers, as it is not only a simple choice between online marketing and local presence. The #GoGlobal Panel closed with a conversation about the team composition. Investors from the financial sector had also a chance to ask some extra questions after the panel. You can watch the Panel on YouTube. Photos by courtesy of Anna Dziubinska.