Zortrax Makes 3D Printing More Comprehensible – a Visit at the Children’s University

Ever wondered if young children can cope with the latest technology? Give them your smartphone so you can see that in fact that it’s you who lag behind. Although it’s just an everyday device it simply shows children’s great learning capacity and attitude to the contemporary inventions. Being aware of that we didn’t hesitate to agree when the Children’s University asked us for a favor.
ZORTRAX Children's University 3D Printing Lesson

Education in Action

The whole concept of the Children’s University started from the idea of providing the youngest learners with the knowledge of the latest technologies, science and art that is not included in their school curriculum, but would be really useful in their adult life. Apart from that, one of the main purpose of the initiative is to involve children into the learning process by showing them real cases, current technology and most of all, extremely interesting topics. That’s also because the contents of the studies is created basing on the children’s interests and preferences. The opportunity to join the university is given to all children aged from 6 to 14 and each age group has got specific set of topics to come across during their academic year. Everyone from these age groups can register and attend the course at universities located in Olsztyn, Warsaw, Cracow or many other universities that decided to participate in this project.

ZORTRAX Children's University 3D Printing Lesson

The Tactile Technology

Not less excited than our young awaiting audience, we packed our 3D printers and appeared at one of the classes at the building of the University of Warmia and Mazury located in the beautiful surrounding of the students campus in Kortowo. We stuck to the logical order and as usual started from explaining the theory and then turned to practice. After explaining the students the utility and coming across some of the most popular case studies concerning Zortrax we could go to the final point of the meeting – the 3D printing process. Having our reliable device Zortrax M200 3D printer with us we got busy with showing you how it works and with answering lots of your questions.

ZORTRAX Children's University 3D Printing Lesson

When the Student Becomes the Master

Probably a simple question could be asked by the children: what’s in it for me? Well, apart from the fact that we want to provide our assistance and educate all the people about the very technology of 3D printing and its various applications, we wanted to introduce the youngest to it by giving them a real chance to see how the whole process looks like. What’s more we also wanted to show them that 3D printing can be real fun and a very interesting and creative activity which is not only limited to the professional adult users.

ZORTRAX Children's University 3D Printing Lesson

Short and Sweet

We left the best part for the final of our course. After setting the 3D printer at the beginning of our lecture and allowing it to 3D print the model during the time the lecture was conducted, the children could finally see the just finished piece right at the build plate. Because of the lack of time we decided to 3D print a small but complex model that can well show all the capabilities like precision, accuracy and durability that our Zortrax 3D printer is so famous for. So, a few minutes after the machine did its final move and applied the last layer of the printing material, we could remove the model of a bearing from the build plate and show it to all the interested children. Some of the kids were a bit sad that the course finished so quick, but the right amount of chocolate given by our Zortrax team helped to bring back smiles on their faces (although it wasn’t a 3D printed one it did the job perfectly).