Zortrax M200 – The Top 3D Printer in Plug ‘n’ Play Category by 3D Hubs

ZORTRAX M200 Top Printer Plug Play 3D Hubs

Usually we don’t tend to boast, but today we feel justified. Zortrax M200 has been chosen the best 3D printer in the “Plug ‘n’ Play” category by 3D Hubs for the second year in a row. The award was based on the M200 users’ opinions and that makes a great value for us. With the overall rate being 9.0 out of 10 and 98% user recommendation we have a real reason to celebrate.

People Around the World and You

3D Hubs is a massive network, the one that gathers the biggest number of users from around the globe. The Amsterdam-based 3D printing community consists of owners, students and those who need 3D prints – all of them being devoted 3D printing geeks. The idea that led the 3DHubs was quite simple in its nature, yet became ingenuous – it was created to link the potential suppliers and their clients from the local area to facilitate purchase of customized 3D prints. The concept has sprung into life and now we can participate the group of members having 12,000 3D printers located across 150 countries. It simply gives the award the importance and reliability, as we know that it has been chosen by the real users, who perform their work with Zortrax M200 devices on their everyday basis and share great experience in the subject matter.

Short and Sweet

That’s the result of evaluation of the 3D printing process on Zortrax M200 shared by the majority of users. Getting the top place in the “Plug ‘n’ Play” category confirms our belief, that we’ve succeeded in making our 3D printers as intuitive and user-friendly as they could be. That simply shows the device is a perfect tool for the beginners and provides great convenience and almost hands-free 3D printing process to the more advanced ones as well. The main aspect responsible for this is Zortrax Ecosystem including 3D printer, compatible printing materials and dedicated software with free Model Library. Not to mention the hardware and smart notification system that provide the user with clear information concerning each stage of the 3d printing process.

Careful Listeners Speed Up the Advancement

We see a great opportunity and benefit in our users feedback, thanks to the constant collecting of information and trying to put them into life. The 2015 was in fact a year of improvements, updates and awaited product launches. The 3D Printers Guide 2016 stating that “the company actively listens to user needs with consistent software updates and new material options”. Such statements make us more than glad, as we know that you appreciate our work. Your interaction and the power to make changes in our products, make us know that we play for the same team.

On and On

The key benefit stressed by the reviewers is the reliability, with some of the users claiming 60 hours prints free from failures – that’s a great score, untypical of the 3D printers that are non-industrial and at the same time don’t cost a fortune. It’s a information that with Zortrax M200 you can start the 3D printing process with the confidence that everything will run smoothly giving the user most satisfying results.

Solid Value

The prize itself, and mainly the fact that it was given to us for the second time has rewarded our efforts and attempts to build a machine, that represents the best quality in its class and could still be ahead of the competition regardless the sturdy pace of development in the additive manufacturing field. We would like to thank all the users for so many positive opinions on M200 and assure them that we will do our best to make it up to date and able to fulfill various individual needs.