Zortrax Inventure Awarded in the Good Design 2015 Contest

We were invited to take part in a formal gala organized by IWP (Industrial Design Institute) in Warsaw to receive the best design award in the ‘’New Technologies” category and also the Product of the Year prize given by Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu SA (Agency of Industrial Development). The IWP prize is given annually, since 1993 to honor the best Polish (from 2004 also international) industrial designs in the seven following categories: house, work, public, service, new technologies, business design & packaging, new production materials. We are happy that our efforts were appreciated and we could participate in this prestigious event devoted to promote high quality design and show its importance among many branches of industry.

ZORTRAX Product of the Year Award

Useful is Beautiful

Knowing that perfect looks of a product, especially in the consumer goods sector, may determine its success is vital for every designer. The key to obtain great design and a product loved by many lays in successfully matching the functionality and the looks. First of all, the aspect that defines the most of the products on the market is their efficiency. The design should not be reduced only to the looks and aesthetic sensations delivered by the device, as its appearance should influence its functionality, make using the particular item easy and as intuitive as possible. As these factors were taken into consideration at the very designing stage, we eventually came up with the device that we take our pride in.

Great Design on Your Desktop

Zortrax Inventure 3D printer has the quality of professional industrial machines, however one of its big advantages is its compact size and the fact, that it can be placed right on your desktop. As this device should be an integral part of your office, the design of Inventure was particularly important – obtaining both universal and modern look was our priority. That’s why we decided to go for simplicity and minimalistic looks that help to concentrate the attention on the core features of the product. We also wanted our product to be classy by giving the 3D printer the sleek finish and choosing black as the color of the casing and cartridges. The only colourful accent is the display that communicates different modes of the 3D printer by using particular colors. Thus, by implementing our preconceptions into life we were pretty sure that Inventure would match most of the contemporary spaces.

ZORTRAX Inventure Design Award

As Good as It Looks

The design is one thing, but yet another is obviously the inside and the real capacities of the device. When it comes to the Zortrax Inventure great looks go hand in hand with the usability. The users can take advantage from the closed heated chamber that guarantees that the printing temperature will be constant which prevents the 3D printed models from warping. The new feature that distincts the machine and makes 3D printing effort and hands free is the DSS system in which the support generated by the 3D printer is easily dissolvable in water, without the need to remove it mechanically. Not to mention the last material Z-ULTRAT Plus available in a form of cartridges, that provides durable and rock-solid models.

Quality Prizes Only

The prizes were double satisfying for us as the statuettes were in fact 3D printed on Zortrax M200 with Zortrax materials, precisely grey Z-HIPS which is one of our top materials when it comes to resistance and durability parameters. This is all thanks to the Grynasz Studio, a team of designers that use Zortrax 3D printers in they everyday work, as it helps them produce innovative and fully customized models. Those who want to learn more about Inventure and Zortrax materials Z-HIPS and Z-GLASS that were were also nominated to the IWP prize in the category ”New Materials”, can take the chance to see them on the prestigious exhibition ”Good Design” between the 23.10 and 29.11 that will be placed in the Institute.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Goggles Materials

Industry on the Run

We are really happy to see the constant development of the Polish Industrial Design, in which process we can contribute to successfully. The contest shows the year’s achievement in the area of design, stresses its necessity and highlights the need of smart innovations in everyday life. Zortrax team and the designer of the Inventure 3D printer – Rafał Tomasiak hope that the classic quality of the device will make it long-lasting and provide all the users with the real added value.