Z-HIPS 3D Printing Material Comes in Four New Shades

As our goal is to deliver reliable and high quality 3D printing tools that will help you reshape your industry, we certainly don’t sit idly but constantly work on improving and expanding our offer. This time, we’ve set our sights on one of our well-known materials and decided to give you even more possibilities regarding its use, that’s why we’re introducing Z-HIPS in color.

The most characteristic features of Z-HIPS are its durability, warping-resistant nature and a unique matte structure that absorbs light and reduces the visibility of minor flaws. That in practice means saving time on post-processing. Our users had the opportunity to test the material’s features for themselves in black and white, as the original range of colors included Natural White, Grey and Black.

ZORTRAX 3D Printing Z-HIPS New Colors

Four new colors of Z-HIPS 3D printing material

To encourage you to 3D print highly durable and outstanding models, Z-HIPS is now available in bold colors that complement the original shades. Spools of Blue, Green, Yellow and Red Z-HIPS come in two sizes dedicated to Zortrax M200 and M300 accordingly.

Due to its features, Z-HIPS is perfect for architecture mockups, models with large, flat surfaces, prototypes of mechanical parts and consumer products as well as 3D printing casings for testing or even end-use casings for low volume production. As the material’s applications are vast and its features allow shortening the time of usually lengthy post-processing, imagine all these possibilities in color and make a bold 3D printed statement of your creativity with your next highly durable model.

Check the offer of your local Zortrax Reseller on Z-HIPS in all the seven colors dedicated to M series 3D printers and get all the best features of the material in bold shades, scheme of black and white or combine both, the choice is yours.