Turning House into Home with 3D Printing

If you’ve been following our blog or social media, you know that we’re strong supporters of mixing traditional and modern solutions every chance we get. That’s mainly because our channels are full of proof that by combining both worlds in a unique way, you can get astounding effects and become a game changer in your profession or business. Then, there’s also the fact that we like reshaping convention with 3D printed touches, especially when it comes to design. And so do our users. For example, the Voood interior design studio makes sure that the 3D printed details are very welcome in both your home and office and that they’re there to stay. For good.

Home, Sweet Home

Make a tiny, little break and take a quick look at the people around you. We differ, don’t we? Each person has a unique personality, some might be more outgoing, when others are more reserved and it shows, not only by the way a person behaves, but also in the way he or she dresses. As individuals, we often tend to make a statement by wearing certain types of clothes, colors, prints or mixing them in less standard outfits to stand out from crowd. Our personal styles are a combination of our characters, jobs, responsibilities, hobbies and whatnot. They speak a lot about us and so does our personal space. The place where we can be ourselves and take a breath after an intensive day or week. That’s why it’s so important to feel comfortable in there. After all, there’s no place like home.

ZORTRAX Voood Interior Design 3D Printed Lamp

3D printed lamps by Voood

Additive Nature

Well, aside from a home away from home. Taking how many hours we generally spend at work into account, it’s no wonder that companies have their offices designed. It’s done so that the space would be more glam or represent the brand more accurately, but most of all, so that the employees would feel more comfortable and to improve their performance. Volen Valentinov, from the Voood studio, often takes the task of redesigning office spaces, as well as those personal ones, and makes you stop and really take a look at your surroundings. One of his secrets is 3D printing technology. Volen’s style includes mixing the old with the new. So, to put it shortly: wood, bricks, concrete, steel meet thermoplastics that give the designer free rein to his creativeness.

3D Printed Updates

Volen uses 3D printing to create new objects and to give a new life to those in need of an upgrade. Being a product and interior designer, his works revolve around custom-made designs that have to reflect a customer’s wishes to a T. The technology comes in quite handy, since he saves time on prototyping, testing and improving his projects. Bear in mind, that his designs are not only required to look good but be functional as well. Also, 3D printing allows him to create end-use objects efficiently and start a low-volume production when needed. Volen also admits, that his projects are often just as they should be without being post-processed, since the texture is unique and satisfying.

ZORTRAX Voood Interior Design 3D Printed Lamp

3D printed LampiON lamp by Voood

Shine Bright

Speaking of textures, here’s a project that owes its one to our Z-ABS. The design itself was enough to draw our attention but the fact that it was 3D printed with the use of Zortrax Ecosystem made us really proud. If you’re one of those who appreciate modern yet functional projects, you’ll probably like it as much as we do. The shape of the lamp is rather basic but it’s the use of hexagonal grid that makes it so special. The openwork, honeycomb-inspired shade diffuses the light beautifully and has the ability to turn a typical space into an extraordinary one. There’s more. Since the 3D printing allows countless modifications and variations on the design, the other LampiON is a full-bodied one, so it focuses light on one point and makes it easy to accent it. The shades of 15x15x20 cm (5.9×5.9×7.87 in) were 3D printed on Zortrax M200 and it took only up to 100 grams of material and no more than 10 hours to obtain each one. Talk about efficiency.

ZORTRAX Voood Interior Design 3D Printed Lamp

Different versions of the 3D printed lamps

Statement Time

Turning your space into a place you want to spend time and feel comfortable in requires giving it touches that express your personality and lifestyle perfectly. We’re happy that by delivering reliable 3D printing solutions to designers like Volen, we’re a part of that process. Not to mention, we’re glad that 3D printing technology becomes your companion not only at work but also at your home. We hope that you’ll invite us more often.