Turning Passion Into Profession – 3D Printed Transformers

ZORTRAX Transformers 3D Printed Toys

Transform and roll out!

Do you still remember the good old times when you used to play small figures called Transformers and got really excited each time you were given a new item to your collection? Are these times have to come to end? Well, one of our talented users – Marcin Starzomski, shows us that not exactly…

ZORTRAX Transformers 3D Printed Toys

Transformers toy

Slow but Steady

Although he was raised during the post communist times where top notch toys or just any toys were not really available to average consumers, he grew even more passionate about them and managed to constantly enlarge his collection. As precious figures were indeed the trophies you could die hard for, he didn’t give up having some problems with finding anything on the changing market. However, at these times he would never have expected that the future will bring him the tools to create them himself.

ZORTRAX Transformers 3D Printing

3D printed spare part

Is He Still Having Fun?

Sure thing! Although since the day he fall into Transformers series he already grown up, his passion lasts and what is even more interesting, it enters completely new opportunities for Starzomski. Yep, we are talking about 3D printing! It was no sooner than Starzomski realized that there is little chance that he can find the missing parts for his vintage items, than the idea of taking the matter in his own hands appeared.

ZORTRAX Transformers 3D Printer

Transformer toy

G1 Meets M200

As soon he tested the quality and dimensional accuracy of the Zortrax M200 3D printer he realized that it will be a longer relationship. Thanks to it he could customize and fix his models and have full freedom when it comes to their design. One of the main problems he managed to solve with the help of M200 was creating special spare parts that could replace the original ones affected by the gold plastic syndrome. It was mainly the case of Starzomski’s most precious figure – G1 which elements made of gold plastic starts to crumble and tear into pieces within time.

ZORTRAX Transformers 3D Printed Toys

Transformers toys

Think, Print, Transform

Having the access to 3D printing technology which today is at hands reach even for those who do not posses their own printer, he continued his adventure with creating models. Although in this blogpost we present just a really small sample of his models, it is visible that each of them is of really high quality. To stay humble we have to admit that it is not only the cause of Zortrax device. Its actually a great looking combo of professional print quality with a huge talent, creativity and of course top-level post-processing skills.

ZORTRAX Transformers 3D Printed Toys

Transformers toys

Revived and Reshaped

When not involved in making his own graphics for the Transformers boxes he spents his time for careful post-processing. As he usually goes for Z-ULTRAT or Z-ABS, activities like sanding, polishing or painting can be performed smoothly. But what if a completely different material is needed? It isn’t a problem either. As Marcin prefers to use resin for elements like e.g. faces of his characters, he simply mold casts them using patterns 3D printed on M200.

The Mad Yellow Fellow

Hope you all got inspired by Marcin’s models as we did. Apart from the great visual results, we were really glad to hear about a person who simply decide to pursue his passion and seek for creative solutions to make all the things work. And like many of our users he shows that if you keep on doing, the satisfaction will sooner or later follow. Thanks to his skills he has already got busy doing figures for some companies and shared most amazing pieces on his yt channel. Last, but not least we want to say that you will soon get another chance to hear more about Marcin’s models and his other projects that (although we know it pretty well) shows that cosplay rocks. Stay tuned!