The Latest Models from the Zortrax Library – Nixa’s Line Follower

Is robotics for you? Or maybe you have always considered it as a kind of a “rocket science” limited only to engineers and mechatronics or electronics graduates? If so, take a closer look at one of the latest models from the Zortrax Library made by Nixa that simply proves that 3D printing is for everyone.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Line Follower

It’s a Beginners Thing

We know that most of you are already familiar with the models available at the Zortrax Library. However, we keep on trying hard to provide you with the cool objects that are both functional and easy to 3D print. Thanks to the cooperation with the designers, engineers and real 3D printing lovers we can share with you some ready-to-print files, pictures and tips that will guide you through the 3D printing and assembling process and allow obtain satisfactory results. Being aware of the popularity of our Zortrax Robotic Arm we wanted to surprise you with a model that belongs to the same field of engineering but is much simpler, however still functional and enjoyable while using – the Nixa’s Line Follower.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed NIXA follower

Your First Follower

Like many members of the forums devoted to robotics claim, the model of a line follower is a great choice for beginners. Its level of complexity is not very high, however observing our finished model following the precisely divided path guarantees lots of fun and a sense of achievement. The robot is in fact a programmable construction that follows the line which color is in contrast to the surface it is made on. It is mostly based on producing the light and detecting if it is flashed back – typical phenomenon of the white color, or absorbed by the black color. Thanks to this ability of particular colors, the robot is able to find the path and react to the signal by making a move forward.

All the technical data concerning the assembly of the robot parts is included in the manual, which is available to download from the Zortrax Library. The very process is also showed in the film that is attached to the project, but you can also find it down below.

Keep It Simple, Keep It Real

The core of the model is obviously the installed computer that allows the model to perform certain commands included in the code. In this case the microcontroller used to coordinate the movement of a model is Arduino with two servo motors connected to it. Six standard batteries are responsible for the power supply. The main functionality of the Follower is in fact its ability to detect the path, which is usually black on the white surrounding, which is possible thanks to installing a special reflectance sensor. When it comes to the chassis of the Follower, it consists of 8 parts that were 3D printed on Zortrax M200 with Pure Black and Red Z-ABS printing material.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed NIXA Line Follower

Ready for Robotics

Those of you who would like to create the model of the Line Follower should remember that by providing this model we want to give you the basis that is, of course, efficient to create a functional model, but which can also serve as the material you can work on, modify, experiment and use to develop your own versions and skills. We believe that having a precise and reliable tool – Zortrax M200 3D printer all of you will be able to create parts for various constructions both easily and cost-efficiently, without wasting time for looking for particular components and adjusting them to your models.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Line Follower NIXA