Sharp Reflexes and the RZR MKR Project

Three hundred visitors and three pro players meet up in New York to compete in the first “Can You Beat an Esports Champion?” event powered by Gillette. Guests could challenge professional gamers in their favourite game. The stakes were high – a brand-new console for the winner. The tournament was organised by Compete and Gillette.

ZORTRAX Gillette 3D Printing RZR MKR

3D printed Gillette razor handle

Not Only Fighting

Although, the competition itself was the main event, guest could also play arcade games, eat pizzas and take photos in game-themed photo booth. Additionally, there was RZR MKR project stand. The 3D printing station equipped with two Zortrax M200 provided both gamers and attending guest with customized razor handles.

ZORTRAX Gillette 3D Printed RZR MKR

Handles for Gillette razors 3D printed during the event

Rapid Designing

The RZR MKR project proved the true value of rapid manufacturing. The idea behind the program was to showcase how easily and quickly users could obtain custom and unique products. Starting on the computer screen, participants designed the razor handle. There were no restrictions to the available shape, so everybody could personalize their designs freely. Then, the model was converted to a printable format and sent to Z-SUITE software. With all the desired properties and options easily selected, Zortrax M200 3D printers began their work.

All the Shades of Shaving

The handles were created with Z-ABS and Z-ULTRAT, chosen depending on the color preference. The color palette was broad, as Z-ULTRAT comes in 22 shades, including Pastel and Neon hues. Both materials provide durability and great resistance to temperature, properties highly desired for such application. Thanks to the dimensional accuracy of the 3D printer, no post-processing was required.

ZORTRAX Gillette 3D Printer RZR MKR

Handles 3D printed with the high durability Z-ULTRAT material

The competition was fierce and with some unexpected turns, like 8-year-old challenger beating the professional. At the end though, trophy went to one of the pro gamers. GG!