PICO – a Playful Experience of 3D Printing and Music

As nowadays the bond between education and technology is constantly getting stronger and stronger, it doesn’t come as a surprise that also the technology of 3D printing has entered this world. Even though we have covered a lot of ground when it comes to 3D printing and the learning possibilities, this is the first time we present you how it can be used to foster the development of toddlers and pre-school children.

ZORTRAX PICO 3D Printed Musical Instrument

PICO – 3D printed musical instrument

Name the Niche

The classical adult music like Mozart or Haendel is known for its soothing and calming impact on people, including young children and that’s simply the fact that is hard to argue with. However, can the same be said about the classical music instruments and them being suitable for the youngest ones? This was in fact a matter of a concern of a Polish artist and product designer Konrad Ippohorski-Lenkiewicz. What is more, this eventually pushed him to design his own musical instrument tailored exclusively for small kids.

ZORTRAX PICO 3D Printed Musical Instrument

Kid playing with PICO

Picture This

The instrument is called PICO and as you may guess that correctly – the prototype of it, was made on Zortrax M200 3D printer. Thanks to its well-thought design it allows the youngest to develop their skills and provide the first experience with the musical instrument adjusted to their cognitive capacities. What is more we are not the only fans of Konrad’s design as it was distinguished from the young Polish artists during the Łódź Design Festival 2016.

ZORTRAX PICO 3D Printed Musical Instrument

PICO was 3D printed on Zortrax M200

Why Does It Matter?

As the recent researches on the child development say, the first years of human life are crucial for reassuring the proper growth. That’s basically the time when the proper stimuli should be brought to the children to help them advance their skills. This is usually obtained during the various games and toys, however Ippohorski-Lenkiewicz realized, that not all of them are designed in a way they match children’s capacities. He noticed that many instruments are based on their “adult” versions dedicated to older and more experienced users.

ZORTRAX PICO 3D Printed Musical Instrument

3D printed with Z-ULTRAT for extra durability

It’s Me – Technology

Having tested many 3D printers during his studies, without any doubts he decided to go for Zortrax M200 because, as he explains: “it has the highest level of precision, quality and the materials”. As Konrad himself didn’t possess his own 3D printer, he turned to our resellers and hosts of the Zortrax Store in Warsaw – 3DPhoenix. There were really enthusiastic after seeing the project and agreed to help the young artist by 3D printing the prototype using Z-ULTRAT, the printing material that combines resistance with post-processing susceptibility.

ZORTRAX PICO 3D Printed Musical Instrument

PICO musical instrument by Konrad Ippohorski-Lenkiewicz

Face the Music

Having all the parts of the instrument Konrad could start assembling PICO and installing the Arduino microcontroller. Before this, all the elements were carefully polished, primed and painted to get the ultra- commercial look. The bright collors were chosen to make a contrast with the gray body of the instrument and to be visible for children.

ZORTRAX PICO 3D Printed Musical Instrument Assembling

Assembling PICO

Make a Statement, Take a Stand

The news is even better – nowadays everyone can do a lot more thanks to the technology. It doesn’t really matter if your purpose is purely artistic or a business one. Find your niche and start the unlimited process of creating that doesn’t cost you a fortune and allows quick revision of your ideas.

ZORTRAX PICO 3D Printed Musical Instrument

PICO 3D printed musical instrument by Konrad Ippohorski-Lenkiewicz