From Outer Space to Prague with the Nemesis Collection

Did you know that all gold found on Earth comes from collapsed stars? That means you are wearing a small part of the long dead star. Read on to find out about another link between celestial bodies and jewellery.

Cosmic Inspirations

Space is a dark and unwelcoming place, yet it constantly beckons us to push the boundaries of knowledge and perception. Recent discoveries of dwarf planets proved however, that our solar system holds more mysteries than we have previously imagined. So, is it possible that we live in the binary star system? To some scientists, the yes answer seems plausible. Although, it might sound absurd, there’s an astronomical theory postulating the existence of star orbiting Sun. Nemesis, a hypothetical star lurking on the outskirt of the solar system, is the answer to the dilemma concerning the orbit perturbations of surrounding astronomical objects. Proposed celestial body would be so influential to cast comets towards our planet and at the same time dim enough to remain concealed.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Nemesis Jewelry

Nemeis necklace 3D printed with Z-ABS material

Dana Bezděková

Back from the orbit, we are visiting Prague. Dana Bezděková is a jewellery designer, working in her jewellery atelier in the capital city of the Czech Republic. Before that, she honed her skills during various fashion shows and as the serial production designer. Even a quick glance is enough to notice something different about her artwork. It’s an elegant mixture of industrial feel with weightlessness. Furthermore, Dana’s jewellery is often made of unique materials, it might be a typewriter’s font, part of PCB or the 3D printed element. The designer finds 3D printer as a proper prototyping tool, as well as the device delivering state of the art end-use products.

Nemesis Collection

What connects astronomical theory with Dana Bezděková, you may ask. Although, existence of Nemesis star is questionable, Dana’s designs are very real, particullary earrings and necklaces from Nemesis Collection. Elusive influence of the hypothetical star was an inspiration to create the series of minimalistic jewellery. To emphasise the celestial origin of the idea, designer decided to use mostly a black, matt material with only a thin layer of noble metal. Whole design needed to be lightweight to ensure the comfort of the wearer. Thus, Nemesis Collection was born.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Nemesis Earrings

Nemesis earrings by Dana Bezdekova

To fulfil tough requirements, Dana has chosen black Z-ABS material. Pieces of the ornaments where printed on a trusty 3D printer – Zortrax M200. Artist admits that, quality of the initial print was so good, she decided to reduce post-processing to minimum. Leaving barely visible layering was an intentional choice. Moreover, movable, freely rotating parts are well protected from chipping thanks to the structural integrity of applied material. You can find more examples of wearable art made with Zortrax 3D printers on our blog. Please refer to the article about 3D printed high heels and the one about the 3D printed clothing ornaments.