Make Colorful Models with a Single Extruder 3D Printer

As a LPD technology based and also cost efficient 3D printers manufacturer we provide our users with the reliable tool that allows best quality 3D prints. However, mentioning its quality and user friendliness, the device gives in fact more smart solutions than you could expect at first.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Colorful Dream Model

Many Extruders = More Problems?

Ever considered buying a multicolor 3D printer equipped with many extruders? If so, you may probably know that such dreams are the expensive ones. Well, apart from their price, that may sometimes reach several thousands of dollars, this type of 3D printer has some other features that are unwelcome for those with high expectations. To put it straight, it’s mostly about the oozing of the printing material that may eventually leave some nasty marks on the surface of the print that are hard to remove. Smudges and droplets of the different colored material are definitely not the thing you want from a few thousand bucks device. The same goes for long calibrating process made to set the proper distance between each of the extruders and the build plate. These factors might be the reasons why some of the 3D printers manufacturers eventually resigned from the idea of incorporating multiple extruders in the newest models of their devices. What is more, these are mostly the things that made us into the one conclusion – stick to the trusted and reliable machines that don’t require any sacrifices concerning the overall printing quality.

Smart and Simple

The clever and yet very affordable solution for those who need to add some color to their 3D prints is using Zortrax M200, a single extruder desktop 3D printer. It’s in fact the best option for entrepreneurs for whom the precision and functionality of the prototypes is the priority. If you wonder how you can make your 3D prints more fancy and colorful, watch the film of one of our resellers from The United Kingdom – Dream3D. These creative guys will show you how you can obtain two color 3D prints on Zortrax M200. These method obviously involves some closer control over the whole 3D printing process, but by doing this you can obtain desirable results without putting the quality of your models at stake.

3D Print with Flying Colors

The double-colored print is just one from the multiple films presented by our reseller Dream 3D. If you want to find out more on how they use Zortrax 3D printers to create amazing models, visit their website. Of course, we encourage all our users to create their own multicolor prints and discover the various possibilities of the device. Those who need more options, should check the rich color palettes of our strongest and the most durable material Z-ULTRAT and enjoy the new look of their models in the shade of Pastels, Neons, Naturals or Basics. Hope all of you come up with really interesting results that will convince you that creativity supported with the latest technology is something that is worth trust.