The Latest Firmware 1.0.4 Update

Over a month ago we came up with the new Z-SUITE update and now it’s time for the firmware. Check out the new functionalities and fixes we provide you with the changelog 1.0.4.

ZORTRAX Firmware 1.0.4 Update

Sound Notifications

To improve the communication between the user and the Zortrax M200 3D printer we decided to add sound signals. You will hear a sound each time the 3D printer switches into a Pause mode. It is worth adding that this functionality only works when the Pause was set in the Z-SUITE software and not the one that was chosen manually in the hardware.

Users of Zortrax device will also hear a short sound each time the heated extruder is loading or reloading the printing material.

Get the Clarity

To answer the needs of our users, especially those from Spanish, German and French speaking countries, we added these languages to our menu. We hope this will make using our devices even more convenient for plenty of users worldwide.

ZORTRAX Firmware 1.0.4 Update New Languages

Extruder Changes

The first thing you may notice when it comes to the extruder is the added extrusion while switching from the Pause mode. The nozzle will be filled up with the printing material, so each time the user will be noticed to clean it up before restarting the 3D printing process.

From now on you will also have better control over the extruder fans. The option to turn off the fans is now available from the firmware.

ZORTRAX Firmware 1.0.4 Update New Functionalities

Fixes and Improvements

The autocalibration of the latest firmware will be much easier as you can now place the build plate much more precisely and faster.

Speaking of precision, you will also notice it when it comes to Z-PETG material consumption. In the new 1.0.4 Firmware you will get the exact information about how much printing material has been used up.

ZORTRAX Firmware 1.0.4 Update Autocalibration

The Compete List of Firmware 1.0.4 Update can be found below:

– Added signal sounds (one beep after extruder heating while loading/unloading the material),

– Added fan maintenance menu,

– Changed autocalibration system with more precise notifications,

– New language versions: Spanish, German, French,

– Added extrusion while going back from the pause mode to fill the nozzle and added a message to remove the material,

– Fixed Z-PETG usage,

– Added signal while the pause is set through Z-SUITE.