Jumping into 3D Modeling and 3D Printing with Vectary

Do you know what all 3D prints got in common? They all started as a digital object in 3D modeling software. The process of designing them might appear a bit overwhelming, especially if you are new to the subject. Choosing the right software isn’t easy either. Fortunately, there’s a way to get into the 3D modeling without a need of tedious research! Meet Vectary – a unique online tool for making digital objects!

Vectary, currently in its beta phase, is completely free to use. Furthermore, it needs no installation, as it works directly in your browser. Fast and easy, Vectary is a perfect tool for beginning users. Teachers will also appreciate the lock option, permitting them to control the available functionalities during tests. At the same time, Vectary offers wide range of tools, allowing users of any level to achieve desired effects. Multiple parametric plugins provide demanding users with tools for designing models of higher complexity, like the fully-functional RC Buggy presented in the video below. Noteworthy, all parts of buggy’s body have been scanned, carefully redesigned and then 3D printed on Zortrax M200.

Users can publish their designs to the on-site archive, which is open to all. Unrestricted accessibility to the hundreds of models is a definite advantage for beginners. Additionally, most of published models are free to edit. Every object can be easily exported to 3D printer compatible .stl file. If you are looking for more inspiration on what to design and 3D print, watch the videos at their YouTube channel. They’re great introduction to Vectary and 3D modeling, with the examples of 3D printed objects.

With all that said, we didn’t have other choice than to give it a try! It’s amazing that functionalities usually found in professional 3D modeling software are available from the window of your browser. Moreover, the user interface is clean and intuitive. Watch our take on quick design of wearable accessory. Of course, with the 3D model ready, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to 3D print it!

Zortrax M200 finished the print in less than two hours. To make it even more fabulous, we used one of recently added shades of Z-GLASS material – blue. In Z-SUITE we have selected: 0.14 mm layer, shell infill and high quality properties. No supports were required, so the bracelet was ready to wear after the removal of printing raft. How neat is that!