Three Innovative Design Trends Which Will Change How Architect Work

The introduction of PCs has changed the way architects work. Now new tools are making their jobs even easier. Innovations and new technologies are changing the profession of the architect. 3D printing is among them. It has elevated mock-ups to a completely new level.

Advanced 3D Rendering Software

Thanks to PCs architects start their work with a tablet or mouse instead of a drawing board and a sheet of paper. This is where they create 2D designs which are later transferred into 3D space. Technological progress, advanced graphics processors, high computing power of new computers and a large amount of RAM have made it possible to render impressive 3D images. Nowadays architects can create hyperrealistic visualizations which are almost indistinguishable from photographs at first glance. This is the perfect solution to let a person imagine the building as it will look once finished. Renders are an evolution of what we’ve known for more than 30 years. Today they’re available to architects and interior designers without having to spend large amounts of money on equipment and software. This solutions is available even to beginners in the field of architecture, even those who use free software or student licenses.

Easily Accessible 3D Printers

3D printing technology is a revolution. A few years ago 3D printers were only available to the largest companies. However, with the advent of printers such as the Zortrax M200 3D printer everything’s different. Now even a small architectural studio can afford one. What does it change in the architect’s job? Everything! 3D printers in your studio are, first and foremost, a modern, rapid and inexpensive method of creating advanced mock-ups. Modern printers let you create complex objects with various materials of differing characteristics. Thanks to this you can present your client with a physical concept of the building. You can create a mock-up of every room. Moreover, the technology is cheap enough to let you create mock-ups for any individual client designing their own house.

ZORTRAX 3D printed architectural mock-up

The second advantage of 3D printing technology is the possibility to check certain ideas and asses your visions in practice. Zortrax 3D printers use durable materials of varying characteristics. You can fully test your projects with the help of the mock-up and introduce changes at this early stage. 3D printing lets you get a feel of the final project, which facilitates cooperation with the client and within a team of architects.

One more benefit of 3D printing is that it utilizes the same file formats which are used by architects. Preparing models for mock-ups is simple and should pose no problems for people working in architectural studios.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

VR, AR and mixR are another novelty in business. These abbreviations stand for virtual, augmented and mixed reality. With dedicated glasses or goggles with built-in screens you can see more. You can use them to look at visualizations or virtual elements of whatever is in front of you. Visualizations in goggles let you imagine what any given place will look like in the future, you can actually walk around the building of the future without leaving the studio. The goggles in their simplest form are inexpensive, but they require specifically designed visualizations.

Modern technologies, such as rendering 3D graphics, VR goggles and especially 3D printing are changing the way architects work. As a result it’s easier to present your projects to the clients and your work progresses much faster. All of these innovations are readily available.