Get Prepared for The Latest Z-SUITE and Zortrax Model Library Updates

ZORTRAX Library 3D Model Printing

There’s been a lot happening recently in Zortrax. Shortly after the debut of our newest 3D printer Inventure we got busy with working on our Ecosystem elements and now we can provide you with the new and improved versions of our products. Printing materials, properties and functionalities added- there’s a lot of it so prepare yourself for a close read.

Z-SUITE 1.4.0 is Finally Here

Thinking of the major improvements in our slicing software we have to mention the added profile for our latest material Z-PCABS. It allows you to create temperature-resistant and durable cases, automotive parts and other elements that are to be used against difficult conditions. Choosing this or another type of Zortrax 3D printing materials you can now get your models much faster, as the printing speed has been improved – just choose the high speed option in the Zortrax M200 3D printer and get your projects materialized up to 30% faster. As usual, there are some minor bugs fixed and changes added, what is more we haven’t forgot about Z-SUITE users on Mac – check out the latest improvements and the new set of icons. We hope using the software would be now even more convenient also thanks to the hardware recognition which functionality eliminates the need of performing this manually.

ZORTRAX Z-GLASS 3D Printing Material

Closer to Crystal Clear

Finally we have managed to improve the quality of our most transparent material by making its visibility even more similar to the clarity of real glass. The results are pretty much impressive, as it is possible to obtain the clarity that vary from 75-90% depending on the shape of the object and the way we look through it – the level of visibility differs if we change the position from horizontal to the vertical. Such improvements concerning the printing material are mainly possible due to the new 0.29 mm layer thickness for Z-GLASS that guarantees that the surface of the material is extra thin and has better light transmitting capacity. The forementioned layer is available to set in the SHELL option, which has been improved by enabling the possibility to add the bottom layer to the model. This functionality makes perfect use for 3D printing various types of containers like: vases, cups or lampshades- tested by our engineers. But there’s even more you can do with Z-GLASS to give your models new, interesting looks. By using 0.14 layer thickness you can came up with the effect of sand glass which has mat surface but still has the capacity to transmit the light. Using the Zortrax 3D printer makes creating the sand glass effect really simple, contrary to traditional techniques of producing this kind of surface like: sandblasting or acid etching that involve much more effort.

ZORTRAX Z-PCABS 3D Printing Material

Top Industrial Quality – Z-PCABS

Zortrax offer has been extended by the new printing material Z-PCABS. This material is in fact a blend of well-known ABS material and polycarbonate (PC) which gives the Z-PCABS properties applicable in various branches of industry. Apart from automotive, where the material is used to produce parts of the car interior, it is commonly utilized in the electronics industry. That’s mainly because the high resistant blend is perfect for producing various cases of TVs, computers, consoles and other. We are sure that many you will find your own purpose for Z-PCABS as the material can perform well in various conditions thanks to its resistance to high and low temperatures. That’s surely a must have for all interested in creating resistant functional prototypes on Zortrax M200 3D printer.

Zortrax Model Library Gets New Functionalities

New functionalities were added for the sake of user convenience and improving communication among the participants. From now on users can send private messages to each other, apart from the possibility to make comments under each model. Staying in the topic of communication, presenting each model would be also much easier as the owner of a project will be allowed to add text files in the formats like pdf or txt as project attachments. In fact, a lot more information could be communicated via the application, and it will be pretty easy to be up to date thanks to the notification system. The functionality will be responsible for informing the users about new likes, messages and comments that appeared under the project. Another option on the project card would be ability to see the 3D model from various perspectives. Concerned about the safety of our users we decided to add the “report abuse” form where users can report any violations of their projects. When it comes to the practical sides of using the application, we facilitated it by adding a search engine and ability to sort the project in the Local Files bookmark. Yet, instead of the standard way of getting through the projects, we have added an infinite scroll option for the users just to scroll down the screen without clicking on the particular page numbers.

The complete list of Z-SUITE 1.4.0 updates:

  • Added printing profile for new material – Z-PCABS
  • Added possibility to print bottom layer while using “shell” infill
  • Added 0.29mm layer for Z-GLASS for “shell” infill
  • Improved transparency of the Z-GLASS
  • Improved printing speed using “high speed” option – average model will be printed up to 30% faster
  • Improved pause visualization
  • Automatic hardware recognition
  • New icons and improvements for Mac version
  • Other minor changes and bug fixes

Zortrax Model Library:

  • Private messages
  • 3D files preview (stl and obj) on the project card
  • Infinite scroll instead of the standard way of sorting the projects
  • Ability to add files of txt and pdf format as attachments to the project
  • Ability to crop photos while adding the project
  • “Report abuse” form available on the project card
  • Cosmetic and performance changes
  • Search engine and sorting up available in Local Files
  • Added notification panel (likes, messages, comments)