Gaining Momentum with 3D Printing – F1 Wheel for Sim Racing

When it comes to new technologies, progress is the name of the game. Coming up with new ideas and developing existing solutions to improve our users’ 3D printing experience is basically work around the clock and we love each and every second of it. Truth be told, it also means competition is no stranger to us. James, one of our users, is also familiar with it. In fact, his latest project is the one to get your blood pump faster. Buckle up, it’s race time.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed F1 Steering Wheel

3D printed F1 steering wheel

It Feels Real

The crowd cheers, the noise of engines gets louder and louder and adrenaline surges as the countdown starts for the checkered flag to finally be lowered. Sounds familiar? Well, not to the majority of us. We can’t all be real-life race drivers, unfortunately. But who said you can’t experience a similar feeling? That’s where sim racing comes into play. Although not new, simulated racing is a rather popular gaming field. That’s mainly due to real-world variables and required car handling knowledge. In other words, both software and hardware are designed to give you a taste of the real experience.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed F1 Steering Wheel

Steering wheel – upper view

At the Wheel

Have you ever walked into a store with specific purchase in mind only to come out empty-handed or searched the web for hours only to find nothing that suits your needs? This happens to the majority of us, especially when looking for more of a niche equipment. Admittedly, sim racing is not quite that and there’s a range of dedicated hardware available on the market. The thing is, it may also be a bit pricey, particularly when custom-made. Fortunately, as we’ve shown you in one of our latest blogposts, 3D printing lowers customization costs. The technology offers you efficient solutions and the possibility of making sure that the idea turns out exactly like you want it to.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed F1 Steering Wheel

F1 wheel with lights on

Aim High

James, a sim racing enthusiast and a Zortrax Ecosystem user, decided to take matters into his own hands and make a wheel for sim racing. This piece of hardware was designed for personal use, so he adjusted the project to suit his needs perfectly. James wanted to enhance sim racing experience with authentic-looking device, hence the resemblance to Ferrari’s Formula 1 wheel. If you think that all the controls and buttons look quite intimidating, imagine wiring them all. Not an easy task, but James managed well.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed F1 Steering Wheel Inside

Inside of 3D printed steering wheel

Dream Team

What may come as a surprise is the fact that compared to some of our users, James is a rookie in 3D printing technology. You wouldn’t guess that looking at his project, would you? Now, as a beginner, James was looking for reliable, low-maintenance 3D printer, which would be easy to use. Although he experimented with other devices, he eventually decided on Zortrax M200 due to its high 3D print quality. He paired our 3D printer with Z-HIPS. James selected this material because of its durability and warping-resistant nature. Not to mention the matte finish, which eliminated the need to post-process the 3D printed parts. He also followed our recommended applications for Z-HIPS, including large, flat surfaces and casings. All in all, the material has been a perfect match for his wheel.

ZORTRAX F1 Wheel 3D Printing

3D printing of the casing

Don’t Spin Your Wheels

We have to admit that helping our users in taking first steps into 3D printing technology with results such as James’ wheel is really satisfying and makes all our efforts and hard work worth it. If you’re looking for reliable, user-friendly 3D printing solutions, we have the right option for you. With Zortrax Ecosystem, you’re in complete charge of your project. Forget about wasting time on settings adjustments or worrying about 3D print quality. Spend that time on developing your ideas instead. Take example from James and make the best of it.