Coffee Time with Zortrax M200 – Gerdesmeyer & Krohn’s Tableware

This time, let’s start with a little confession. Can you imagine beginning the day without the morning dose of caffeine? You can’t, can you? That’s what we’ve thought. Fortunately, most of us associates coffee not only with morning rush and fighting to stay awake throughout the day but also with a bit of a downtime, often shared with family and friends. That’s when we have the opportunity to take notice of something more than what’s in the cup or how much of it fits there. Those of us with a bit of an artistic soul might be even inclined towards some reflection about design and shape of the cup. Christoph Gerdesmeyer and Jonas Krohn certainly were and it evolved into challenging the old-fashion ceramics. Cue in designer coffee set. A 3D printed one, of course.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Tableware

Designs by Gerdesmeyer & Krohn

Partners in Design

Christoph and Jonas met during their studies and recognized almost instantly that they’re kindred spirits when it comes to art and design. They turned their mutual understanding into business. That’s how Gerdesmeyer & Krohn industrial and interior design studio set in Cologne came to life. On a day to day basis, Christoph and Jonas focus on redefining standards and developing unique solutions with admirable gusto. The designers also look for alternatives to traditional methods of prototyping consumer goods. For some of their latest projects, 3D printing has been the ideal tool.

Why So Boring?

When it comes to industrial and interior design, Christoph and Jonas have a distinct taste – a futuristic and minimalistic one. So, when they put their focus on tableware, they haven’t found the usual, romantic and floral, ceramics design appealing. At all. Ornaments, however, were simply the cue to take matters a step further. They started to question the most basic of standards, for example: does the jug really have to have a handle? And they came out with some interesting answers. Christoph and Jonas created the 1500 coffee set that is the embodiment of tableware revolution.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Coffee Set

3D printed coffee set

Less Is More

That’s how in many cases one can describe modern design. Minimalistic approach towards industrial and interior design, not to mention fashion, is certainly not a novelty. It is, however, worth noticing that for decades now this trend has managed well and is still going strong. Minimalism is also dear to the designers’ hearts. For them, simplicity, sharp edges and bold colors are the essence of modern design. Christoph and Jonas implemented these features into their coffee set project. They enhanced the shapes and sizes of the set pieces, however, with quite surprising combination of colors. Their coffee set has it all: neutral white and gray, pastel pink and bright orange to add the extra futuristic feel.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Product Concept

3D printed product concept

Round and… Not So Round

3D printing goes along perfectly with modern design. Christoph and Jonas implemented the technology into their design process to rapidly and efficiently prototype their projects. Since the tableware has to not only look appealing but be functional as well, they used Zortrax Ecosystem to test the revolutionary shapes of pieces and to introduce adjustments in a quick and inexpensive way.

ZORTRAX M200 Z-ABS 3D Printed Tableware

Tableware concepts 3D printed on Zortrax M200 with Z-ABS

From our range of 3D printing materials, they chose Z-ABS. The material is perfect for beginners in 3D printing technology looking for economical solutions to start the prototyping adventure. When asked why they decided on Zortrax M200, the designers said that the simplicity, user-friendliness and high 3D print quality were the decisive factors. The default settings for every material from our range allowed them to focus on the design first and foremost. Plus, as designers, they appreciated the Zortrax M200 aesthetics.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Design Gerdesmeyer & Krohn

1500 Tableware by Gerdesmeyer & Krohn

3D Printing to Go

The energetic and visionary duo from Cologne is actually at the beginning of their adventure of revolutionizing the industrial and interior design. As observing and analyzing the surroundings, searching and creating unique solutions is in the designers’ nature, it admittedly takes time and attention. Having that in mind, they chose our integrated 3D printing solutions. High 3D print quality, simplicity and the fact that our solutions are ready to go straight from the box, allowed them to prototype and optimize their projects at will, efficiently and effortlessly. We keep our fingers crossed for their next projects and hope that Christoph and Jonas will take Zortrax Ecosystem along for their journey.