4 examples of 3D prints made on Zortrax M200 3d printer

A printer such as the Zortrax M200 can create a variety of objects. The device is used in engineering, medicine, education, architecture as well as art and entertainment. Moreover, you can take a look at the contents of the Zortrax Library and print those projects yourself.

The list of objects you can print with the Zortrax M200 is extensive, limited basically just by your imagination.The latter is no longer an obstacle thanks to the new, larger Zortrax M300 printer. With different types of filaments you can create objects of varying durability and structure. You will find many ready-for-print models in the Zortrax Library, the free catalog of models created by users worldwide and adjusted to work well with the Polish 3D printers. To demonstrate their abilities, here’s four examples of print-outs created with the Zortrax M200.

Boxes and key-chains

At the onset of Zortrax and its M200 the quality of the models and the materials was demonstrated through small gadgets. Users were able to order free samples, such as small boxes and key-chains. Such small objects are a perfect test for our printer. This is how you should start your adventure with 3D printing to see how the printing process works. This also proves the versatility of the Zortrax M200: the printer can be used both for minor objects as well as components of complex machines; more on that later.

Sherlybox, Emerald – start-ups prototyping with the Zortrax M200

One of the most important applications of 3D printers is prototyping. 3D printing lets you test your technological solutions quickly and cheaply. No wonder many start-ups went for this method. Sher.ly did so when designing the case for its private cloud data storage device. So did Emerald with its intelligent air freshener. With a 3D printer in your company, you don’t have to wait for casts and are able to try again whenever you need to. The  Zortrax Library contains many cases, e.g. for the Raspberry Pi.

Robotic arm

The robotic arm is one of the exquisite projects created on the Zortrax M200, proof that this device lets you create complex objects. You don’t have to limit yourself to single, uniform elements, you can print parts and assemble them. The modular arm can be downloaded for free, printed and assembled per the manual. Many 3D models are available as open-source, you can adjust them, print them and enjoy the wonderful objects.

Almost limitless possibilities

These four examples demonstrate how wide the capabilities of the Zortrax M200 3D printer are. And there are many more solutions. This printer can be used in almost any field. It all depends on your needs and your imagination.