3D Printing’s the Way to Go Off the Beaten Track

As the winter’s in full swing, a lot of people turn into couch potatoes for the season and put most of their energy into dreaming of unlimited supply of hot tea or cocoa, which is always at hand. Our users, however, don’t let the dropping temperatures slow them down and still make sure to surprise us with their way of applying Zortrax Ecosystem to their businesses. Although the road to success might be full of bumps, the right tools will act as the best four-wheel drive and propel you easily even if your idea is off the beaten track.

The Thrill of It

Some of us like the occasional rush of excitement, others live for the surge of adrenaline and eagerly look for different ways to increase its level. The thrill-seekers engage in all sorts of activities, from the horror-inducing wing walking to jaw-dropping tricks done with the use of boards of various types, shapes and sizes. No disrespect intended here, it’s just a lot to choose from: skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, not to mention surfing-related sports. And that’s obviously only some of the more adventurous activities. When for some of extreme sports vehicles are unnecessary, others are not only based on them but require specially equipped ones, take off-roading for example. Although some people need high level of danger caused by height, speed or by seemingly defying gravity, we get a thrill when presented with exceptional projects, like these very special XS-sized cars.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Car Model

3D printed car model

Best Things Come in XS Packages

Although we do have a penchant for big things like our Zortrax M300 or projects in XL size, these car models by 3D Scaler stole our hearts with their fine details. The resemblance to original, real-life cars of some of the well-known brands, and a couple of less popular, is simply stunning. Talk about post-processing on a truly pro level, right? The thing is, you need a solid and detailed base to fully exploit possibilities the finishing techniques offer. We’re glad that our Zortrax M200’s precise repeatability and dimensional accuracy made that possible.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Car Model Details

Close-up on details

Garage, Inc.

As we’re sure of our products high quality and reliability, we’ll take a risk and make a bold statement that a truly modern workshop or a garage needs a 3D printer on standby and our users regularly prove us right. Stefano, from 3D Scaler, certainly has an M200 at hand and makes the most of it. He uses 3D printing to obtain end-use parts or complete models and to prepare molds for casting resin or rubber as some of his car bodies projects require extra realistic touches. From our range of materials, he mostly chooses Z-ABS, which is perfect for models, gadgets or figurines and Z-ULTRAT for added durability. Plus, both of the materials offer a lot of post-processing possibilities.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Car Model Interior

Interior of 3D printed car model

Post-processing on Wheels

So, to make the off-road inspired car bodies seem as real as possible, quite extensive finishing is highly advised, if not plainly necessary. Stefano combines different techniques but always makes sure that the surface of the models is properly prepared before putting time and energy into painting them. He tends to use methods that are easily achievable at home and don’t require outsourcing. Stefano polishes 3D prints with careful use of sandpaper to eliminate the minor imperfections or slight ridges caused by layering of material. Bear in mind that with Z-ABS and Z-ULTRAT you could easily use acetone for smoothing down the surface instead. He then reaches for plastic fillers. After that part of post-processing is done, there’s only one step left to make the car bodies so real – painting.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Car Model Paint

Painted 3D printed car model

All Roads Lead to 3D Printing

What we know for sure is the fact that 3D printing is the best tool for low-cost prototyping, testing the models and applying changes in a really efficient way. This surely applies to lots of different industries. Automotive is one of them, as we’ve recently proven with our motorbike design. Although these car models have been scaled down to XS size, they still show the possibility of 3D printing a tangible, customized idea that will give your customer some serious thrills.