Why 3D Printing Is Useful and Will Continue to Be Useful

For some, 3D printing might seem childish and toy-like. After all, what can you print in a 3D printer? A whistle or a figurine of a video game character, right? In fact, 3D printing is a powerful technology which is already providing significant savings to companies. Its future is even more promising.

3D printing is taking more and more branches of the economy by storm. Up until recently it has been used only experimentally by universities and large corporations. Today, thanks to companies such as Zortrax, it’s readily available. Just order a 3D printer online today and tomorrow you will be able to enjoy your new device.

On the other hand, the question that’s often asked is: why 3D printing, what can this technology be used for? Pessimists like to show examples of minor, simple 3D printed items which could have easily been manufactured with a different method and maybe would’ve even been cheaper. However; 3D printing is very useful when you know how to utilize it and what you want to achieve. The technology has a wide range of prospects, therefore more and more universities are establishing departments focused on 3D printing and skills related to 3D printing are valued by many companies. Experts in the field of 3D printing are in high demand.

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Multitude of Useful Applications

3D printing technology is utilized in many fields. One of them is medicine. 3D printers such as the Zortrax M200 create models of hearts and other organs as training aids for surgeons. Such a printer was also used to create the first winch that facilitates the procedure of varicose vein removal. These are just a handful of examples from one field. Another field which is aware of the potential of 3D printing is the automotive industry. The technology allows for rapid prototyping of not only elements of the body, but also of individual components. The future of 3D printing in manufacturing cars is looking brighter and brighter. Experts predict that it will be possible to easily print spare parts, personalize your car and increase the speed of production.

Industrial Powerhouse

A 3D printers can also be the basis of significant economizing in manufacturing plants. Bosch uses Zortrax 3D printers in its plant to create spare parts for machines as well as solutions which facilitate work. 3D printing is becoming indispensable in R&D departments and design departments. Wherever the technology is introduced, it accelerates work and cuts down costs.

3D printing is useful to architects for creating mockups and to mechanics for creating tools. It has found a place in media houses for manufacturing personalized promo gadgets. It’s also a wonderful tool for start-ups when they need to create prototypes of casing or even the casings themselves in low-volume production. 3D printing offers a chance to people who want to start their own business as well. You can use it as a basis and build your business around it: make 3D printed models on demand or earn money through printing specific projects.

We’re still at the very first stages of the development of 3D printers. The technology is evolving rapidly, new, larger devices, such as the Zortrax M300 3D printer, are being introduced, new materials are appearing and people are coming up with new ideas of how to use a 3D printer. Nowadays, desktop 3D printing is mainly a hobby, but soon you’ll likely be able to print items that you happen to lack at the moment you need them. In many fields of the economy, however, development without 3D printing is almost unimaginable. 3D printing is an innovation which fuels more innovation. 3D printing is inexpensive prosthetics, creating spare parts, rapid prototyping, creating personalized items and manufacturing with minimum waste. The technology is useful and thanks to its widespread availability as well as further development will be even more useful in the future.