Usage of 3D Printing in Industry – Bartłomiej Gaczorek’s Models

At our blog, we make it a mission to introduce you to a variety of possible 3D printing applications. The versatility of the technology combined with our users’ creativity often gives a truly astounding effect. Whether it be art or fashion, medicine or engineering, household objects or games, Zortrax Ecosystem users challenge the old ways and apply 3D printing in their own, unique ones. This time around, Bartłomiej Gaczorek took on a task of shaking robotics and industrial design up with some of his models.

The Right Ones

Bartłomiej, industrial designer based in Kraków, has been applying 3D printing technology to his work for quite some time now. Not only does he use it on a daily basis while working with a Polish firm PLM Solutions, he also puts effort into popularizing the technology locally with the help of 3D Hubs. Having tested a lot of 3D printers with different properties, Bartłomiej has eventually decided to expand his workshop with Zortrax M200 due to its high reliability and quality as well as minimal effort required to start 3D printing. He also found his favorites in the range of Zortrax materials. For his projects, he mostly uses Z-ABS and Z-ULTRAT. That’s mainly because of strength and various possibilities of post-processing the materials. Let’s remind that both can be easily sanded, filed and chemically treated with acetone. As a designer, Bartłomiej appreciates the complete, hassle-free solutions combined in the one and only Zortrax Ecosystem. He used the time usually spent on parameters adjustments on giving his projects an eye-catching finish instead. Need proof? Take a closer look at the KUKA robot.

ZORTRAX Bartłomiej Gaczorek 3D Printed Kuka Robot

Orange KUKA’s machine with 3D printed elements

A Touch of Robotics

The concept model of KUKA KR150 robot has been designed for one of Bartłomiej’s clients – an architectural concrete manufacturer. The company opted for automation of production. To achieve this goal, they took the first step and purchased an industrial KUKA robot. The next one was to plan and eventually test the redesigned production process. They asked Bartłomiej to design and 3D print a model that would reflect the functionalities of an actual KUKA robot. 3D printing a concept model in a 1:10 scale helped minimize the time and cost of production planning. Additionally, the tangible model allowed all of the employees to make themselves familiar with the new production reality, off the computer screen. Except the rotary axes, the whole body of the robot was 3D printed on Zortrax M200 in Z-ULTRAT and Z-HIPS. If, like the designer, you’re looking for strength, impact resistance and low shrinkage, these two are the go-to materials for you.

ZORTRAX Bartłomiej Gaczorek 3D Printed Kuka Robot

Close-up on the 3D printed parts

Behind the Mask

Finding and combining solutions suitable for your business is a key to success. 3D printing may be the end of your search, especially if you’re looking for a low-cost way of rapid prototyping. Need a tangible model to check if the parts work together? Or make adjustments in a design quickly? How about some end-use products? Or would you prefer molding technique? You can have it all. Bartłomiej’s dust mask model proves it.

ZORTRAX Bartłomiej Gaczorek 3D Printed Mask

3D printed gas mask by Bartłomiej Gaczorek

The mask has been designed as a concept model with showing the possibilities of rapid prototyping in mind. Firstly, the designer created molds for silicone castings. These were 3D printed with Z-ULTRAT on Zortrax M200. According to Gaczorek, 3D printed molds are often just a base for the actual ones. The high quality of Z-ULTRAT-made molds, however, eliminated the need to extend the process with manufacturing additional molds from other materials.

3D printing technology allowed Bartłomiej to have complete control of each and every step of the designing and prototyping processes. Not to mention, he was able to do all of that in-house, which significantly reduced the cost by eliminating the necessity of outsourcing. Well, apart from purchasing filters and elastic. To give the mask a modern and unique feel, the designer chose Z-ULTRAT in a contrasting combo of colors – Pastel Purple and Yellow. We have to admit, the final result is, in fact, quite eye-catching. Wouldn’t you agree?

ZORTRAX Bartłomiej Gaczorek 3D Printed Mask

3D printed gas mask by Bartłomiej Gaczorek – side view

Shaking Things Up

As you’ve surely noticed, here at Zortrax we can’t sit still, constantly looking for innovations, improving and developing as well as proving that 3D printing can change your business for the best. That’s why we encourage you to, like Bartłomiej Gaczorek, take a step into the future with us and speed up your business while simultaneously cutting the costs. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!