3D Printing for the Flowers of Tabasco

Hola! What’s your first association with Tabasco? Although, you probably thought about a certain spicy flavour, today we are visiting Mexico, precisely a region of Tabasco. So, what about the sweetness? Take a while to discover the Flor Tabasco – the annual contest of charm and traditional culture. Another thing, that might come to your mind when hearing about Tabasco is Ideas Disruptivas 3D design studio. And, this time you are not mistaken!

ZORTRAX Mexico 3D Printer Flor Tabasco

Flowers of Tabasco and Zortrax 3D printers

Flor Tabasco

The event’s name stands for Flower of Tabasco. Every year, each of region’s 17 municipalities selects one woman to contest for the title of the Flor Tabasco. However, it’s not a simple beauty contest, as participants must demonstrate the knowledge of typical food, dances and costumes, all symbolizing the differences between areas of Tabasco. The contest last for one month and half. This year was a little different though, because Ideas Disruptivas had a very special gift for each of ladies!

ZORTRAX Mexico 3D Printer Flor Tabasco

3D printed gifts for the contestants

Ideas Disruptivas

This is the third time we are visiting Tabasco and our friends at Ideas Disruptivas. If you need a reminder, please read our previous entries on them: about Fridis and about the 3D printing project for schools. Based in Villahermosa – region’s capital city, the 3D design studio has a long history of incorporating 3D printing with Mexican art. Through the additive manufacturing technology, they are aiming to reintroduce and to preserve the local art. Furthermore, Lino Romero and his team are highly engaged in supporting local communities and their endeavours. This time, they have decided to perpetuate the traditional vestments of the contests participants with the scrupulously 3D printed figurines.

Colección de Flor

And so, they have all the ladies carefully photographed, resulting in 102 photos taken. They became a base for the designs of 17 figurines. To fully represent the beauty of each contestant and their outfits, they have trusted the 3D printing to the reliable Zortrax M200. Known for its accuracy, 3D printer had no problem in delivering small yet highly detailed models. To ensure the long-lasting effect, Ideas Disruptivas decided to use Z-ULTRAT. The material’s properties make it excellent for durable and time resistant application. Such endurance comes with no price in terms of post-processing, as all the figures were easily polished with acetone.

ZORTRAX Mexico 3D Printed Flor Tabasco

Unpainted statuettes 3D printed on Zortrax M200 with Z-ULTRAT

With the 3D printing and post-processing done, models were handed over to the local artists, who took care of hand painting and of adding the final details. And thus, Colección de Flor was ready. Bárbara Paola Aranguren Rosique – the contest’s winner and all other participants were delighted with the gift!

ZORTRAX Mexico 3D Printed Flor Tabasco

Hasta la próxima!