How 3D Printing Makes Your Company Innovative?

3D printing is becoming increasingly popular. Its enormous capabilities mainly appeal to innovative entrepreneurs. This technology can facilitate the work of companies in virtually every field. It will let you perfect your product, make it unique and reduce the cost of running your business.

Creating Prototypes

Thee most interesting application of 3D printers by fat is the possibility of creating prototypes. During the design phase one cannot see all the flaws of the product. To do so, you need to hold the item and examine it from every angle, acquaint yourself with the physical product, not a digital model. You can always order a trial production run, but that’s a considerable expenditure.

To save money you can manufacture the prototype yourself. it’s easiest to do so with 3D printing. You just need the model (which you do have anyway at this stage) and have it 3D printed to be able to see its flaws with your own eyes. Then you can correct the model and print it again. This way you can edit the model numerous times until you finally get it right.

This aspect of 3D printing will be appreciated mainly by architects who need to create mock-ups of every version of the building. It is a tiresome and mundane job. A 3D model is much easier to introduce changes to than a mock-up. Moreover, every subsequent version of the model can be 3D printed to compare different arrangements.

ZORTRAX 3D printed end-use parts

Selling Personalized Products

Every person likes to stand out and have something that nobody else has. Such items tend to be more expensive as they can’t be mass produced. Therefore, the markup can be higher without losing customers. Companies creating unique items which can’t be bought anywhere else may reach astonishing popularity in the future.

Adidas is one of the companies which want to offer such products. They created the Futurecraft 3D shoes which are to be 3D printed to the dimensions of the user’s feet. The data will be collected during training on a treadmill with inbuilt scanners and will then be used to 3D print the shoes. As a result, the client will be provided with products which fit their body perfectly.

Cubify is another enterprise in this group. They manufacture one-off electric guitars. Every instrument they make is both beautiful and perfectly suited to its owner. Companies which print chocolates and desserts are also starting to appear. 3D printing makes complex chocolate designs possible, more complex than any human candymaker  would be able to manage. This is the perfect gift for a special day.

Huge Savings

3D printing can give a company both new capabilities as well as savings. This is exemplified by one of the Bosch factories which decided to introduce Zortrax M200 3D printers. They have proven useful in fixing the machines used in the production line. The cost of one spare part was reduced from €450 to €1 and their availability improved. As a result, without spending much money flaws in the production process were limited or even eliminated. Bosch has already save upwards of €80,000.

ZORTRAX Bosch 3D printed tool

3D printers will be used in this manner more and more often, because preparing spare parts for any kind of equipment is very easy. You no longer have to make the model by hand. Just create the model with a 3D scanner. The file you get can be 3D printed and thus you get a part identical to the original. You can also improve the model and have an item even better and more durable.