How 3D Printers Revolutionized Agile Manufacturing

3D printing is the factor which enabled full implementation of Agile Manufacturing. The methodology stems from the world of software but it also has its uses in manufacturing. 3D printing makes it possible to apply the rules of rapid reactions and constant improvements.

Widely available and user friendly 3D printers such as the Zortrax M200 and M300 are changing the world of industrial production regardless of the methodology used in a given factory. Above all, however, they make it possible to implement the rules of Agile Manufacturing. The main advantages of Agile are responding to the client’s needs in a timely manner, individual products which fit the client’s needs and the readiness to change. The concept also involves constant improvements, making the quality constantly higher and social responsibility.

3D Printing Means Better and Cheaper Manufacturing

3D printing makes it possible to achieve all of this faster, better and less expensively.  With this technology the product can be designed by a team once the model is made available to a number of people, including the clients, who can also introduce changes. 3D printing makes rapid prototyping and quick changes possible. You can easily modify 3D-printed forms and products or their components. This technology also lets you reduce manufacturing costs, which increases profits. Extremely quick introduction of changes to the design and their implementation is the main advantage of 3D printing. Making changes can take as little as a few hours.

ZORTRAX additive manufacturing

3D Printing Means Caring for the Environment and Reducing Costs

3D printer is a green solution which does not generate adverse consequences for the environment. Moreover, with 3D print manufacturing there’s almost no waste. Virtually all of the material is used to create 3D elements. This also reduces costs. Another advantage of 3D printing is the possibility to adjust one-off products to the requirements of specific customers. This allows full customization while continuing mass production.

Zortrax 3D Printers Help Bring Agile Manufacturing to Life

The concept of Agile Manufacturing has been impossible in practice before 3D printing became widespread. Constant changes to the production process with traditional tools is still time consuming, expensive, sometimes downright impossible. The availability of relatively inexpensive 3D printers such as the Zortrax M200 and M300, which offer a wide range of possibilities and don’t require advanced skills to operate has caused Agile Manufacturing to become reality.

Thanks to 3D printing you can really implement the idea of: design, manufacture, introduce, correct the design, manufacture, introduce the new version. 3D printing allows for rapid and inexpensive changes and constant improvements. 3D printing can be used in various manufacturing companies at various stages. It can be your entire product, if you deal in gadgets and ornaments. It can be the casing of your electronics equipment. It can be components, parts or improvements to the production line itself (spare parts, accessories which facilitate work).

3D printing also makes it possible to create individual elements. Zortrax 3D printers utilize materials of different characteristics and colors, which makes it possible to adjust products. The Agile methodology is relatively young, especially in the field of production. There are few companies which utilize it throughout. 3D printing can change this state of affairs and significantly improve production processes.