Why 3D Printer Is the Perfect for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises?

Small and medium-sized enterprises need to be careful about every penny they spend. Decisions regarding expenses are made cautiously. With 3D printing technology it’s possible to reduce costs at the stage of creating the product and introduce it to the market in a better state. Win-win. 

In family businesses, start-ups and other small companies, costs are usually cut down to a minimum and no risky endeavors are undertaken. Unfortunately, if a company doesn’t grow and progress, it usually gets bogged down in a niche, loses its innovativeness and, in the worst possible scenario, it goes under. Nowadays you need to constantly develop, make you products better and better, introduce new solutions and transform your business. 3D printing technology is one of the tools which let companies conduct prototyping efficiently, without paying exuberant amounts of money for R&D.

ZORTRAX product prototypes

Why 3D Printing?

First of all, the cost of the 3D printer is relatively low and the printer can pay for itself quickly. The Zortrax M200 3D printer costs just 1990 dollars. Moreover, it’s readily available, you can order it even from Amazon and put it on your desk the next day. Operating a 3D printer is easy, a Zortrax printer comes with the dedicated Z-SUITE software which lets you prepare your models (and not just that). Of course, you need to have your projects made in 3D graphics software. You can delegate this task to your own qualified employees or commission another company, depending on your manpower.

3D printing also means lower costs and faster prototyping than with traditional methods. You don’t need advanced, specialized machinery or casts which have to be prepared beforehand. Depending on the prototype’s size, it will be printed in no more than about twelve hours. 3D printing materials are also readily available. On top of that, you can print using materials which have varying characteristics and different colors. This gives you a wide range of possibilities for prototyping.

A 3D printer doesn’t take up much room and does not need to be stored in any specific conditions. After you buy one for your company, you don’t have to wait for someone to make you a prototype of your product or one of its components. You can do it yourself. When dealing with innovative solutions, you’re less at risk of someone copying your idea before you introduce it.

With 3D prototyping you’re able to present a nearly complete product. Instead of displaying it on a computer monitor or a drawing, you can quickly bring it to life. This will make it easier to showcase the product to potential customers. You will also be able to check see it for yourself and introduce improvements before production commences. When you can hold the 3D prototype in your hands, you’ll find it much easier to make decisions regarding the project than with only its vision.

The possibility of using 3D printing in almost any field is another advantage of this technology. You can make prototypes of decorative lamps, create solutions for the automotive industry, prepare case for electronic devices, create mock-ups in the business of architecture, and many more. Furthermore, in some cases the 3D-printed prototype will use a material similar to the one which will be used in the final projects. This will let you test the properties of the product at the prototype stage.

ZORTRAX 3D printing allows testing

What Should You Remember When Buying a 3D Printer for Business

The idea of buying a 3D printer for the purpose of rapid prototyping in small and medium-sized enterprises is a good decision. But this decision shouldn’t be made in a rush. Consider whether you have someone in your company who will be able to utilize the printer for your needs or at least whether there’s someone you can delegate this task to. Furthermore, you should buy a proven printer with an official seller in your country, with proper tech support and easy access to material. Zortrax is a perfect example with its M200 and Zortrax M300 3D printers. The devices themselves can be purchased easily, the same goes for materials for 3D printing. The box also comes with a starter kit and access to dedicated Z-SUITE software. Qualified experts working for the Polish company are always ready to provide help via livechat, an online support form or via Social Media. This makes your life a lot easier when starting your adventure with 3D printing in your company.

3D Printing Will Boost Your Company

There are many possible applications of 3D printing. It’s worth considering how your company may take advantage of them. If you have a manufacturing company, if you create new devices and new models of your products, 3D printing is the perfect prototyping tool. It will accelerate the entire process without draining money from the company.