Customizing 3D Printed Cosplay Mask with Michał Lisowski

  • Artful Dodgers Design studio are using Zortrax M200 to 3D print tailor-made cosplay accessories.
  • The design of the mask were inspired by the character from Overwatch game by Blizzard Entertainment.
  • The mask's shape was based on 3D scan of the cosplayer's head.

Michał Lisowski from Artful Dodgers Design studio is a prolific designer specializing in making architectural mock-ups, rapid prototyping and prop making. Zortrax M200 has a key role in his workshop providing a reliable solution for making both: test models and high-quality items for cosplayers. To showcase his skills, we are presenting the 3D printed cosplay mask inspired by Overwatch computer game by Blizzard Entertainment.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Mask Tracer Michal Lisowski

Co-designer Mateusz Przystał from Artful Doders Design, photo by Kaya Kostrzewska

The designer graduated from West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, Poland. During Industrial Design studies, Michał realized how complicated and unreliable traditional methods of prototyping were. He wanted to make prototypes better, faster and more durable, but most importantly with precision needed for thorough product testing. Thus, he begun to look for alternatives. Since most of the designs were made digitally, 3D printing came as a natural solution to the dilemma. The choice of the 3D printer brand also came naturally as the studio he is co-operating with is already using Zortrax M200.

Power of Rapid Prototyping

Decision to purchase the 3D printer was also dictated by an economical factor. It’s simply cheaper to 3D print your own models rather than relying on printing stations. Furthermore, Michał wanted a full insight into the process. Zortrax M200, like all other Zortrax 3D printers, operates in an integrated Zortrax Ecosystem. The device is ready to work straight out of the box, you just plug & 3D print. That was extremely important, since he didn’t have in-depth technical knowledge or time to acquire it. Luckily, the 3D printer is almost maintenance-free. There’s no need for assembling, calibration or cumbersome adjustments. The smooth start allowed him to begin his work right away.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Mask Tracer Model

Michał Lisowski designing Tracer mask, photo by Kaya Kostrzewska

Zortrax M200 allows him to prototype rapidly and more efficiently. Fast and economical 3D printing provides an unparalleled opportunity to test various iterations. The designing process supported by the 3D printer is simply more comprehensive. Furthermore, it gives an advantage over other studios, because Michał can provide his clients with a complete set of services, starting form conceptual stages, design, prototyping and testing. Thanks to it, Artful Dodgers Design can analyze feasibility and ergonomics of the products with unparalleled precision.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Mask Tracer Z-ABS

Parts of the mask 3D printed on Zortrax M200, photo by Kaya Kostrzewska

3D Printed Tracer Mask

Tracer mask was worn by a cosplayer attending PAX AUS convention in Australia. To ensure close resemblance to the original, Michał began with taking screenshots of the game character. Images helped him to accurately outline the headpiece and to prepare the initial model. Even so, Michał had to alter the model to fit human anatomy, as Tracer character was bit cartoonish. With the 3D model prepared, the designer 3D printed set of prototypes in order to evaluate theirs looks and durabilities. The next step was to 3D scan the face of the wearer to make sure it would fit perfectly. Furthermore, the mask is designed to be worn comfortably with most of its weight being balanced on the nose part, which also has air vents. Michał included also magnets and threads for further customization. Threads were 3D printed to reduce weight. Michał Lisowski usually uses Z-ABS 3D printing material, because of its low price and easy post-processing. Almost all parts were 3D printed with 0.19 layer height, but some required finer details, so 0.09 setting was applied.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Mask Tracer Z-ABS

Tracer mask 3D printed with Z-ABS after polishing with water paper, photo by Kaya Kostrzewska

The complete project took almost one month to finish. The most time-consuming was post-processing. Michał took extreme care to provide the client with the highest possible quality. The first step was to remove support. Noteworthy, the editable support feature of Z-SUITE 2 Beta was helpful in providing easy removal and a high quality of the model’s surface. Later came sanding with water and regular paper. The surface was also smoothed with acetone rub. Although in certain applications, visible layering is welcome, in this case the mask had to be perfectly smooth. After priming and further polishing Tracer mask was ready for shipping. The cosplayer painted it herself to match the color to the rest of her costume. Check out the effect yourself!

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Mask Tracer Cosplay

Lisa Blackcrane (Lisa Shih) cosplaying Tracer, photo by Trung Do Photography

The mask was designed entirely by Michał Lisowski. The design was based on the in-game model and screenshots from Overwatch game by Blizzard Entertainment. All photos courtesy of Michał Lisowski. Read more about 3D printing for cosplay purposes in the article about Reym’s Cosplay Designs. If you are interested in other techniques of prop making, check out the masks of Hero Craft Creations. As a side note, Michał Lisowski is cooking up a next big project connected with RC cars. Stay tuned!

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Mask Tracer Honker

Michał Lisowski and Mateusz Przystał from Artful Dodgers Design, photo by Kaya Kostrzewska