Mappingwall installation created of 332 3D printed on Zortrax M200 triangles was first presented on Zortrax Store Opening. Read the whole story. Talk with Jerzy Sulikowski, Piloci Studio Co.

Mappingwall is a spatial, multimedia installation made in 3D printing technology, based on video mapping and interactive LED lighting. Piloci Studio Co. – the initiators of this project, decided to establish cooperation with Zortrax a few month ago. Their idea was to 3D print 332 pyramids made of semi-transparent filament and connect it with programmable Led RGB lighting and video mapping technology. This is how this interactive light show with a background music was created.

The installation is closed in the shape of a square steel frame of side dimensions 160cm (63in.). The surface is divided into four equal triangles, each of them is filled with 83 pyramids created on Zortrax M200 using transparent filament. They were designed to turn objects into a display surface.

Piloci Studio came up with this idea over a year ago, but without appropriate technical capabilities, it was impossible to bring it to reality. Until they met Zortrax technology on their way, the project was at the design stage. Zortrax M200 capabilities allow to implement the technology in a proper way. Months of work resulted in mappingwall show presented on Zortrax Store Opening for the first time.

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Watch the VIDEO to see the results: