“Susanna” – 3D Printed Lamp

Utilizing 3D printing in industrial design is getting more and more popular. That’s mainly due to the fact that with the technology you can prototype your design to check if all the parts work together or if the project meets your or your customer’s expectations. It’s also a way of quickly introducing changes to the project. 3D printing is also a great tool for creating low volume of end-use products, especially those custom-made. Samuel Bernier, an industrial designer and founder of the Le FabShop studio, created and 3D printed this origami-inspired Susanna lamp. His design is dedicated to Zortrax M200 to benefit from the entire build volume of 7.87×7.87×7.08 inches. For the inspired by folded paper lamp, Samuel chose Z-ABS due to its durability and matte finish. Susanna is quite universal as it can be used either as table lamp or a suspension one. All you need to do is adding an E27 socket with cable and an LED light to have the end-use object.