#ZortraxPowefulTrio Video Product Session – Watch It Now

We encourage you to watch the free, on-demand product session we have prepared in collaboration with iMakr, the Official Zortrax Reseller. In the video, Zortrax and iMakr engineers provide all the technicalities of the time- and money-saving Zortrax resin 3D printing ecosystem, consisting of the Inkspire 2, and two post-processing devices: Cleaning Station and Curing Station.

In the conversation between Artur Chendoszko, Resin Technology Leader from Zortrax, and Ayoub Khouyi, Additive Manufacturing Engineer from iMakr, you will discover:

  • why UV LCD technology will make your work faster,
  • which Zortrax Inkspire 2 features can help you work more efficiently with resins,
  • which components allow Zortrax Inkspire 2 to print with advanced resins in an automated way,
  • how Zortrax Cleaning Station and Curing Station facilitate the post-processing of resin 3D prints,
  • why Zortrax Powerful Trio is a complete solution validated by BASF Forward AM and Henkel/Loctite to work with their resins.

Join the #ZortraxPowerfulTrio Product Session at: zortrax.com/pl/powerfultrio-webinar.