Zortrax Widely Appreciated in the Newest 3D Printing Trends Report by 3D Hubs!

3D Hubs have just released the new 3D Printing Trends report and once again Zortrax has been greatly appreciated by its users.

ZORTRAX 3D Printing Trends May 2016

Zortrax M200 is now the 4th highest rated desktop 3D printer in the world with the astonishing amount of 1583 reviews! It’s also #4 in Printer Model Distribution category with 3% relative market share and #8 in Printer Manufacturer Distribution with 3,5%.

The last couple of months have proven that we’re not thinking about stopping and you can find a reflection of this in the report. Zortrax M200 is constantly increasing its popularity in Europe, climbing up to #3 this month. It is going strong in Asia as well, gaining its relative market share in the top 5.

Find out more about the report at 3D Hubs.