Zortrax parts and new prints

We’ve received an order for test print. In the photos you can see the Dragon Egg by Dizingof and an Owl by Cusha.



We’re constantly working on the project. The first batch of parts for the printer has arrived to the factory, where it is going to be assembled. Our goal is to deliver ready-to-use and well calibrated machines, so that is why we want to focus on testing and leave the assembling to the professionals in the factory


We are planning to ship the pre-ordered batch of printers at the end of September. The necessary software and firmware updates should be ready by the end of October. We decided that the future updates for the software and firmware will be free and available on our website. We are planning to perform constant updates and upgrades for our products so bear in mind that the shipped version will not be the final one but it will evolve in future!

In the picture below you can see the effect of the test model with concaves and convex details. This prototype was 3D printed in Z-ABS, 140microns layer thickness.