How PVA Filaments Can 3D Print with ABS on Zortrax Inventure

  • Z-SUPPORT Plus is a PVA-based support material created for Z-ULTRAT Plus.
  • Both filaments are designed for high-temperature 3D printing.
  • Z-SUPPORT Plus is easily dissolvable in water, providing the convenient method of support removal.

Zortrax Inventure is a dual-extrusion 3D printer that works with separate, water-soluble support filaments based on PolyVinyl Alcohol (PVA). Water can dissolve most of support structures left on the model once the 3D printing is done, so there is no need to remove them mechanically with pincers.ZORTRAX INVENTURE 3D PRINTERWhile most of dual-extrusion 3D printers can do the same, the use of water-soluble support material is usually limited to PLA-based filaments because PLA and standard PVA 3D print at similar temperature. Zortrax Inventure has no such limitations. It can 3D print water-soluble support structures also with high-temperature, ABS-based filaments like Z-ULTRAT Plus. No other 3D printer can do that this way.   

The Sweet Spot 

There are various kinds of PVA support materials available on the market and the rate at which they dissolve can vary. Ideally, the filament should disappear in water as quickly as possible, but it comes at a price. The faster the material dissolves the more it is susceptible to humidity in air which means it must be stored in tightly controlled conditions. There’s no point in making a filament that starts to dissolve right after you have taken it out of the box.ZORTRAX INVENTURE 3D PRINTERSimilarly, there’s no point in taking chances with the quality of 3D prints, as quickly dissolving PVAs absorb moisture present in the printing chamber which may cause distortions. Those are trade-offs to consider and with Z-SUPPORT and Z-SUPPORT Plus, PVA-based water-soluble filaments dedicated for Zortrax Inventure, we have found the sweet spot. They can be stored with no worries, dissolve at a reasonable rate, and guarantee consistent 3D printing quality at all times.

Solving High Temperatures 

Z-SUPPORT is compatible with Z-PLA, Z-PETG, and semi-elastic Z-SEMIFLEX filaments. All those materials 3D print at temperatures around 180° C (356° F) which is more or less what standard PVA can handle. What makes Zortrax Inventure truly unique is Z-SUPPORT Plus, a PVA-based filament designed to work at temperatures reaching nearly 245° C (505° F). Z-ULTRAT Plus, a high-temperature material Z-SUPPORT Plus has been made to work with, is a thermoplastic that can withstand impacts, tearing, wearing, and heat.ZORTRAX INVENTURE 3D PRINTERFor the first time the convenience of using water-soluble support filaments has been introduced to 3D printing with resilient, durable ABS-based materials professionals usually go for when they need functional prototypes or end-use parts. Zortrax Inventure has been the first desktop 3D that to make that possible.

DSS Station and Support Removal 

To make dissolvable support removal easier, we have designed the Zortrax DSS Station. The device circulates water at the right temperature to improve the rate of support structures dissolution. It’s easy to use. Just set it up, fill it with water, put the model in, and take it out nearly support-free after a few hours.ZORTRAX INVENTURE 3D PRINTERWhile it is possible that some amount of support material will remains on the model, it is easy to remove with a brush. Moreover, dissolving support structures works just like dissolving salt. At some point the water becomes saturated and incapable of taking any more PVA. Best thing to do in such case is to change the water inside the Zortrax DSS Station. Designed to work with Z-SUPPORT and Z-SUPPORT Plus materials, it is also compatible with all water-soluble filaments available on the market.ZORTRAX INVENTURE 3D PRINTERWater-soluble support filaments has been made for sophisticated models that would have been impossible to 3D print without them. Zortrax Inventure along with the DSS Station and the entire Zortrax Ecosystem are professional tools designed to make 3D printing of such models possible and easier than ever.Order Zortrax Inventure here.
Order Zortrax Inventure with DSS Station here.