Zortrax has signed an agreement with an experienced investor

On November 15, 2023, Zortrax signed an investment agreement which will end with investing PLN 5 million to the company. Artur Błasik, a party to the agreement, is a stock market investor who engages in prospective industries and companies in which he sees business and development potential.

Acquiring a strategic partner who has extensive experience in the investment market, is the founder of Business Television, and is an active investor in many companies, including those in the new technology sector, will allow Zortrax to return to the path of growth. The new investor declared in the agreement his willingness to commit PLN 5 million to Zortrax. The financing provided will allow Zortrax to take advantage of opportunities related to the dynamic development of 3D printing.

“We are excited about our partnership with Artur Błasik, who not only brings knowledge and experience in the field of new technologies to our cooperation, but also shares our perspective view of the 3D printing sector. His input and understanding of this dynamic industry will certainly strengthen our position and accelerate the growth of Zortrax. This synergy is not only a promise of success, but also a confirmation of actions and visions we have made so far.” – emphasizes Mariusz Babula, CEO of Zortrax.

“Zortrax is a company with great potential, global reach and its own research and development facilities. In my opinion, it is undervalued by the capital market. I believe that with the new financing structure it will be able to benefit from the dynamic development of the entire 3D industry.” – comments Artur Błasik, a stock market investor.