Zortrax Experience Conference 2017 – Premieres

What a day! That’s the first thought that came to our minds after the first day of the Zortrax Experience Conference. A day that we could spend with our business partners, surrounded by beautiful lakes and the latest technology.

Zortrax Experience Conference Opening

Welcome to Zortrax Experience Conference

Premieres… Multiplied!

That’s right. When it comes to surprises we were well prepared for the arrival of our Resellers and Guests. That’s why we thought about every element of our Zortrax Ecosystem: software, materials and of course 3D printers. Some of them were announced during the presentations before the Pannel Discussion, but our audience had to wait some time till they were given a chance to see, touch and test their capabilities.

On and On and On

And then the Hands-on Lab part has begun. All the participants could finally have access to all the latest products. To start with the right order and check what you can actually do with your model before the 3D printing process, we will say a few words about the new Z-SUITE 2.0. As our users are probably used to the regular updates of our dedicated software where we fix bugs and add extra functionalities, the 2.0 version is something completely different. The new functionalities of the slicer include editable support, mesh fixer and ability to work on many projects simultaneously by adding them to separate tabs. Thanks to the special screens mounted in the room, the participants could immediately check all the functions and the refreshed interface of the software.

Zortrax Experience Conference Z-SUITE 2

Announcement of Z-SUITE 2 software

Get Some More

To give our users more printing options we couldn’t omit the materials. Not so long time ago, we presented you the first material in our palette that has the electrostatic protection – Z-ESD and added more shades to Z-HIPS. Having mentioned shades, we added a few more to our light-transmitting material Z-GLASS, so now you can check its great translucency in colors.

This time we also decided to go for one of the most popular printing material – PLA. We called it Z-PLA Pro as thanks to our modification, the material has elegant matte texture and reduced shrinkage which makes it perfect for producing detailed shapes or models requiring biodegradability.

Together with Z-PLA Pro we introduced our users to material who will satisfy the tastes of those who want to test their prototypes in the changing outdoor conditions. Z-ASA Pro can withstand factors like UV light, humid or heat and has additional chemical resistance.

What is more, we have also introduced two new materials: Z-PLA which is eco-friendy and perfect for detailed, complex models and also Z-PETG -an industrial-grade material with broad resistance to chemicals, oils and temperature. For the sake of great convenience they are both available in a form of cartridges, and maybe some of us can guess what it means…

There She Goes

Guess who! Of course, we are talking about the smartest of our 3D printers – Zortrax Inventure. We stay humble and admit that you had to wait some time to have a chance to put your hands on this device, but we assure you that it was worth it! What goes around comes around as the saying goes, however we want to thank once again for your patience and giving us a chance to provide you with even better device.

What’s in the Box?

Anyways, let’s resolve some doubts and answer the most vital question. As a reward to your patience we decided to give you not one, but two basic materials enclosed in cartridges: Z-PLA and Z-PETG. Due to the double extruder, you are given also the support material Z-SUPPORT. Sounds familiar, but in fact we have made some improvements to the material, so now it can be soluble in water, without the necessity to add any activator to the DSS Station.

Zortrax Experience Conference Inventure DSS Station

Zortrax Inventure and DSS Station

Now and Forever

„…Now We Can 3D Print in Poland” – these words were actually said by our host Wojciech Szeląg at the beginning of the Zortrax Experience conference, as  a comment on the changes that affected the market across the last decades. Well, we feel that we have made our own contribution to both global and local 3D printing industry. Our products speak for themselves, but we don’t plan to slow down the tempo as we believe that the next big achievements are ahead of us.

ZORTRAX Experience Conference Future

What’s ahead