Z-Suite Update V1.0.0 for Windows and MAC



Today we are proud to present you the new Z-Suite V1.0.0 software and its added features. The most noticeable change is of course the interface which has improved its looks. Apart from the visual side of it, it is  faster, more stable  and gives  full support for all the Mac OSX users. Now you can have the view of the layers of your model.

When it comes to the final version of the print you would be surprised how easy it is to remove the rafts. Raft generation has been improved in a way that avoids the model from peeling off from the platform. What is more, our users don’t have to bother about getting rid of support as we now replaced it (where possible)with bridges that are really short and easy to remove. It solves the problem of cleaning the printed model from the small parts of filament and reduces the amount of material used during the proces of printing.

We have also added 0.29 mm layer for Z-ABS which allows users to select the thickness of layers and adjust it to their needs. In practice, it  means that you can print your model much faster by choosing the thicker layer. This feature is particularly useful with printing big models that can be time-consuming. If you decide to use the thinner layer, you can get your print more precised and smooth.

There are many more features that have been improved and fixed. To update simply open your Z-Suite software and download should start automatically. You can also update manually.


New Z-Suite features added:

– New user interface
– Added full support for Mac OSX
– Added full display of .zcode layers
– Added automatic generation of the bridges
– Added new 0.29mm layer for Z-HIPS
– Improved performance of previewing .zcode
– Improved raft generation
– Improved 0.29mm layer for Z-ABS
– Fixed support and raft removal problems for Z-HIPS
– Fixed slicing error while „Random Seam” selected
– Many other minor changes and fixes