Z-Suite BETA V0.0.5 Available

Dear Zortrax Users! Today is a big day for us. We’ve just finished and tested Z-Suite Software update to 0.0.5 version. The list of updates is long and it shows that Z-Suite Software can be even more professional tool with every step on our (and your) way.


We’re 100% focused on user experience, this update is a result of your opinions and suggestions. Thank you for being a part of product development team.

1. Cutting the raft surface when it comes out of the platform outline.
This option allows you to use larger platform surface for your prints.

2. We eliminated the issue of seams (traces) on vertical surfaces.
Now all sides of the model are flat and smooth.

3. “Cleaner” print surface with no material blobs.
Less effort with mechanical treatment (if necessary), printed models look even better and their quality is really close to the end-use parts.

4. Reduced noise level.
Now Zortrax M200 produce less noise during the printing process.

5. A few times reduced RAM usage.
Now Z-Suite is a simple, efficient app not a huge software tool.

6. Fixed bugs associated with uploading 80MB+ .stl models.
Prepare even the most complex models faster.

7. Higher printing speed.
For more and more efficient printing.

8. Windows XP bugs fixed.
Z-Suite works smoothly on every platform.

9. New algorithm fixes bugs in .stl models automatically.
Ability to avoid complex mesh issues.

10. Ability to put models closer to each other on the platform.
Now you can print more models simultaneously.

11. New options in Advanced settings
Avoid holes – ability to turn off the option of blobs elimination in order to achieve dense surface of the model
Surface layers – ability to choose the amount of layers in order to achieve thicker finishing of the model

You can download Z-Suite Software 0.0.5. for Windows HERE. Mac version will be updated soon.