Z-SUITE 1.8.0 Update Available to Download: Here’s What’s New

After releasing the Z-SUITE update last month, we immediately set about the next step on making 3D printing with Zortrax printers even more effective and effortless. This time, we introduce the Z-SUITE 1.8.0 which not only incorporates fixes and improvements, but most importantly provides some useful functionalities. Take a look at what’s new.

Seam Location Preview

The seam preview is headlining the list of new functionalities of the Z-SUITE 1.8.0. As you know, every starting point of each new layer ultimately forms a seam in your 3D print. As soon as you generate the .zcode, the seam becomes clearly visible when you zoom in on the ready-to-print model. So if you want to have a look at what the seam will look like on your model before actually printing it, the Z-SUITE 1.8.0 gives you this possibility. See the video below.

Components Preview

Since we’re talking about separate components of a 3D print, another new feature gives something extra. Once you get your model in the .zcode format, you can see all its components, including the raft or the support structures, in the workspace view. The components preview makes it possible to see each element separately. Apart from the PAUSE option, in the tools menu there is a list of elements which you can either show or hide in the preview. For example, you can uncheck the model to see what the support structures will look like and where exactly they will be generated in your model. As you can see in the video, there are several combinations to choose from.


The Split Menu

We’re pretty sure that you’ve been using the split option quite often to print really big models. And since our printing materials are perfectly suitable for various post-processing methods, you must have tried gluing two or three parts together to create one sizable model. That’s why, we’ve decided to improve the SPLIT option menu. Its options are easy: you can adjust the slider or split the model manually by clicking “+” or “-“ buttons. Additionally, by using “1/2” icon you can split the model in half in a selected axis. Finally, you can export and save both halves either in one file or as two, separate files.


Lastly, resizing the model has never been so easy. From now on, you can acquire the desired shape of a model by typing the exact value in millimeters. Just click the “%” button to switch to “mm.” This option becomes useful whenever you want to change the height, width or thickness of the model and be sure of the precise measurements.


Download the latest Z-SUITE update and see for yourself what it has to offer. As always, the update is available in the Downloads section on Zortrax Support Center. The entire changelog is listed below:

  • Introduces the seam location preview,
  • Introduces the separate components of a .zcode preview,
  • Improves the split object menu,
  • Adds measurements in millimeters in the resize menu,
  • Allows exporting split models as separate files,
  • Adds mirror flips in the rotate menu,
  • Improves model rotating,
  • Improves support generating,
  • Improves calculation of the printing time,
  • Fixes not working shortcuts,
  • Adds information on firmware update (when available).