Young Students Meet the Technology

Workshop for children with difficulties at school introduced young students to the world of 3D printing. We invited them to the Zortrax Store in Krakow to teach them about 3D modelling, printing and post-processing. They could also learn practical skills and 3D print their own models.


Program called “From failure in school, to success in life” by WIOSNA association, is teaching young students how to take life in their own hands. During the workshop in Zortrax Store, they’ve learned the basics about 3D printing technology and even get some practice. Most importantly, they could actually work with the printer and turn their ideas into reality.


The workshop was divided into 3 big blocs. On the first day they learned how to design for 3D printing, how to create details and make their idea happen. They’ve also created their own model 3D printed on Zortrax M200.

The second day was planned for theory. Students could learn about 3D printing origin, history and the most importantly – the purpose. They learned some health & safety tips and printer technical details. They could also test our most interesting models. The last day was the one when students could finally see and test their own prints. We have also prepared some post-processing tips and tools, so everyone could paint their models according to their own taste.

– Our main goal was to draw the interest of young students into engineering and new technologies. We believe that contact with interesting knowledge at the young age, is the best way to do that – said Tomasz Frąckiewicz, who conducted the workshop.