How will 3D print evolve in the next few years and how is Zortrax addressing the changing needs?

3D printing technology is reaching more and more branches of industry. People ho have never before had any contact with in are now becoming interested in 3D printing. New solutions related to the evolution of 3D printers and the materials they use are constantly being developed. Companies which want to have  a presence in this field have to follow these developments carefully and be trendsetters the way Zortrax is. The newest Zortrax product—the M300—is a good example of reacting to the users’ increasing needs.

Natural evolution

What we today call 3D printing was invented in 1984, so the technology is more than 30 years old. It’s not a fad which conquered the world in a few years. Similarly to how computers or cell phones evolve, we’re dealing with an evolution, slow at first, but a lot more dynamic nowadays. Today pretty much anyone can use 3D printing, though not everybody can skilfully use this technology’s full potential. For this you need knowledge, skills and usually either an idea or a current demand. Simultaneously, very cheap printers have very limited capabilities and low precision, and require additional knowledge, for example during assembly. On the other hand, there are professional tools printing with unique materials created for specific branches of industry or specific institutions. But not everyone is able to buy such equipment. For individual consumers, small and medium-sized enterprises, and freelancers plug & play products are the most important ones. They are ready-made solutions to be used in work. Zortrax is the leader in this field of the 3D printing field.

More space: Zortrax M300 is the answer to users’ needs

Thanks to progress and perfecting of technology 3D printers no longer take up large spaces, they don’t require dedicated rooms, don’t intimidate with their appearance. A Zortrax M200 printer can be put in the same room in which you hold meetings with your clients. Even though it’s a manufacturing machine, it does not take up a lot of space. But miniaturization is not everything. Besides small devices there are also those with a large workspace to create bigger models.

In the second half of 2016 Zortrax introduced the larger M300 model, drawing much from the acclaimed M200, but with a much larger 300 × 300 × 300 millimeter workspace. This opens up new possibilities in many fields, such as the automotive industry, industrial design, project engineering and many others. This is the company’s response to the users’ needs. Zortrax M300 is still an affordable device in its category. It is also a product that guarantees high precision and high quality of larger models.

3D printing will keep evolving

The market is constantly changing, new solutions are created, new materials and methods are experimented on. The future will make 3D printing even more widespread.  This doesn’t mean a 3D printer in every home, but such devices will be more and more available, as will the knowledge how to use them. Companies will also expand their portfolio, looking for niches and catering to the needs of specific sectors. The future of 3D printing is its wider use, thanks to printers suited to the users’ needs as far as price, workspace size and ease of use are concerned.